Euro Trip -Tall couple or short ?

Recently , I along with husband Abu and son Adi visited Europe – to be particular – Finland , Sweden , Denmark and Paris (wow Paris .. isnt it!) and here am I writing my first post about this trip …

So first stop – Stockholm – Well ! Swedes are tall people , I mean really tall , I mean tall like average more than 6 Ft perhaps ! At least they all looked to me this tall.. didnt get chance to measure and confirm 😉

Its funny coz at Pune , Abu and I are sometimes referred to as tall couple – How do I know this? .. well many have commented Adi height is good coz his parents are tall ! So it must be coz we are actually tall or we are surrounded by short couples 🙂

Take your pick and decide … especially if you are around us 😀

So back at Stockholm , even the girls were taller than Abu ( I have this mental assumptions that boy should be taller than girl!  , So Abu should be taller than all the girls in the world ;p). I tried to look around and see if everyone is wearing high heels or boots , but hmm none. They are all practical people and high heels is not for roads to walk (ofcourse!) , but perhaps somewhere else where thankfully I and Abu didn’t visit , else everyone would have been 6 inch more taller than us!

Even the animals – Horse and buffalo looked huge ..  look at this giant but cute Disney horse..

Disney horse .. straight out of Rapunzel

So Puff ! I knew Asians are short , but this short ! So ever since then, am trying to make mental note of country where we would be short couple

My friend from Brno is 16cm taller than me and says he has friends taller than him, meaning we are short couple in Czech Republic too.. That’s another country..

And then , my colleagues from Finland said , Dutch  are at least 10cm taller than them .. Thats another country..

I watched Castle yesterday and Kate noted that Richard Castle is 6 ft 2. So US is country of tall for us too ..

So from a tall couple in Pune , we went on to being short couple in Stockholm (!!!)

PS: There is advantage too .. these tall people could alert us about impending weather since they get to feel it at least 20cm above us … ( PJ re !)

PPS : Am 164cm and now you can measure if you are tall here or there?