Euro Trip : The thing am gonna miss most – napping on the green bed !

Green is my favorite color as its so pleasant to eyes .. Isnt it? That’s why trees , grass , flora and fauna has green predominately . Not coz of chlorophyll as they say in text , but coz green is (like I said) most pleasant color to eyes!

And I love Europe , coz its so green , everywhere you see , there is green , even from sky above ,the land is covered with green forest. The forest industry must be flourishing there! Its like the poem – Green grass goes around around around 🙂

And my favourite passtime there- napping or just lying on the grass bed. My son , no matter where we are , has to take his afternoon nap and whats better to nap then on the green bed , as close to the ground as possible 🙂

So one fine day , at Helsinki , when I was out of office early ,joined him in his afternoon nap . We lay on the grass and just like that .. whoosh – into the dream world. It was so nice , the blue sky above me and the grass below. It was at least 45 minutes and a nice dream later that I woke up !


11425072_946638472024614_2120449192611373606_nhmm so this is how our ancestors felt hundreds of years ago during summer , sleeping on ground.

And this is the thing I miss most ! So as soon as I go back to EU , straight from airport , am gonna find a park and sleep there , just like that sleep