Coming back to work , after a heavy lunch at a fine-dine restaurant , on a Friday  , sponsored by the office , I learned a great deal about human anatomy.

When stomach is full up to the brim  , brain stops functioning.

Mind is in trance and human body is capable of sleep walker-talker-worker.

Would you say Zombie – Stage 1 ??



I always knew I could multitask . I can close my eyes , relax muscles , rest my head on pillow.. WHILE am lying parallel to ground. Phew!

That is four perfectly,genius-ly , certainly difficult-ly done task .. all at the same time…!


Googling “geniusly” and “difficultly” as spell check is screaming!  Sweetie , I think I might have invented TWO new words today! I can multi-task bloody inventing words!


This suits the Daily Prompt:

Take ten minutes — no pauses! — to write about anything, unfiltered and unedited.



Last race and am too sleepy to decide on will leave it

Time to sleep.

For most of us. Some are more blessed then me. than  or then ? Mwaaah..

10:37 PM Isn’t it late ?Yeah we sleep late,working on it. Don’t lecture me now . Am not in mood. Why? Read along .

37 minutes ago

10:00:01 PM I don’t know what in the world is going on , Why ?

Hey! Just looook at the bed , the spread , the pillow  … Aah , That moment is not far away when I will close my eyes and  relax my butt on that very bed.  The pillow will be “one”  with my head and the heart will embrace bed. And I will forget what in the world is going on!

Aah , am so close..

Snap it! Adi is still playing with cars..
Me : Bed time Adi , take all your cars off the bed , into the box NOW.
Adi : Mummy pls , they want to race now. Laasst one. Plss.

 How long does it takes one race anyways. * remember this , very crucial *

Me: Okay .. Just ONE LAST race.

He lines up all his car ( blue , police car , yellow , red .. you get the drift ,am too tired to count)

10:05 PM Adi : But how can they race without tickets.

Me * looks at the clock ,settles down near the edge of bed , leaving the rest of bed for race*: Okay , Then get them tickets soon.
Adi picks up yellow car , drive it to me and “Mummy ,you will give the tickets”.
Me: Yellow car , here is your ticket.

Adi drives it back to the center of bed and places it next to red car. Brings in the red car. Drives down to edge of bed where am trying not to think about all those lucky fellows in dreamland.

Red  , here is your ticket. Adi drives back  , places it next to police car. Brings in the police car.

You know the feeling ?

With full stomach ,on bed ,literally. I mean am there..right there.. lying down already. Heavy eyes ,  dreamy already . GOSH ! am sooooo close to “sleep”. If only this race gets over…

Each sec counts and I can hear the tick-tock.

10:10 PM I gathered some strength , made a mental note of ” I can write a post about this , I mean why should I suffer alone!” and crawled to center of bed and issued each car with a ticket.

10:12 PM Me: Now start the race , get to finish line. Switch off the light and sleep! Have I asked too much?

10:12:03  PM My son is mad , mad because “Does air-planes race with cars? Why did you give him a ticket to race mummy!”

Where the hell is the that air-plane. Give me back my ticket. 

10:13 PM Then the blue taxi doesn’t want to race and wants to cuddle to Mummy. I moved back to my edge again along with blue taxi

Adi: but blue taxi wants to see the race.. sleep here.

10:15 PM Blue taxi and Mummy is positioned so can see the race. Let’s get on with damn race and sleep.

10:16 PM Mummy , cars need petrol to race. Pls fill tanks.

10:16:01  PM I wonder , why am I the one doing all chores . Is he gonna be a Project Manager? Just assigning tasks not  actually doing it himself ?

PM Eh ? Not bad .

Then I think of all office conversations “How awful that PM is ! “. Sign!
Phew ! I will still settle down PM for my son. They earn well , they can leave early too and he seems pretty good in handling the situation.

10:17 PM Adi : Mummy ! Petrol …..

10:20 PM All cars are filled.

10:21 PM Mummy is screaming “Start the race”. Almoooost there.

10:21:01 PM Adi : Mummy , police car doesn’t race .. Police cars race karte hai kya?

10:21:02 PM Me: That is exactly what I was wondering and also how wonderful would it be to sleep now. Am almost there . Just need to close eyes. I know am repeating these lines .. you see am almooooost there.

10:22 PM Race beings .

Red car aka Mc Queen had a tyre burst! Yellow car crashed , Green car tumbled twice in the crash debris. black car is flying around and orange truck isn’t racing coz it’s a pick up truck not race car silly!

10:23 PM God ,give me strength not to strangle my only son.” I want to sleep. 

10:25 PM Race is finished!
Adi : Mummy , Race is 2 laps!

10:25:01 PM WTF!

10:30 PM


10:35 PM

I don’t know what happened in last 10 minutes , I assume I dozed off.
During which time blue taxi was crushed under my weight and Adi needs a doctor now to fix it up.

10:36 PM
Me (I decided , I haaave to sleep now) : Adi …

nevermind .. he never listens to me

Me  * to cars now*: All cars .. get into the box NOW. 

10:36:02 PM
Adi : Mummy , They are in lap 2 ..last race.

The race is proceeding ..

10:36:03 PM Hubby walks in.

Hubby: What’s this ? Why are you not in bed already ? Put all your cars in box.

10:36:03999999 PM Adi puts all cars in box. Cuddles with his father.

10:36:04 PM Hubby switch off lights. Both goes to sleep.

What’s just happened ??

After exactly 37 minutes ..

Am wide awake ; Motherly  hormones kicking in , wondering Why doesn’t he ever listens to me ?

Damn you cars , you fooled me!