I want to write something funny

Funny, Like how certain I am now, that my husband is blind or selectively blind as he always leaves his worn clothes on the floor for days without picking them up. He left his shorts, on the floor next to the bedroom door, where there is every possibility that people walking through the door would kick it. He walks through that door multiple times a day but he doesn’t see it. It is under an invisibility cloak.

Either that or he thinks there is a genie in the house that picks up his litter. Husband breed couldn’t grow past the wedding day.

I want to write fun.

Instead, what I notice is, there is a millisecond pause between two rings of a phone call. And when I need to reach my husband on the other end of the line, with each ring-pause-ring, I imagine a hundred ways that something has gone wrong with him. Each pause feels like, there, he picked up, all good but then the ring continues.

It’s unstable to have these thoughts, my mind says. But the heart is just nervous. Remain nervous till I hear his voice.

I can pick up his litters all my life. I cannot have a life without him.

What’s bothering me?

The Invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Russia’s war on Ukraine. And I hate to see these online sources going along with Putin’s narrative of “Special Military Operation” – Who are you kidding? How are you sleeping at night? It’s an invasion. Russia is killing Ukrainian civilians.

Every morning, I wake up and check Google News or Reddit News for any catastrophic news. Any nuclear disaster- The shelling on nuclear plant – Are they blind? I cannot think of any other reason anyone should shell a nuclear power plant. They certainly have to be blind.

Why is this fight bothering me so much? Why didn’t Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan?

Don’t ask that question, One war doesn’t make another war any less horrible. Just because the world has let down Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, doesn’t mean it is okay to let down Ukrainians.

I don’t understand geopolitics. I don’t even want to get into who is right or wrong. There are enough trash bytes written in the world for this. What I understand is, there is shelling, bombardment going on, perhaps very right now. Civilians are dying, children hospital targetted, woman raped, family separated, millions fleeing own country. There are people dying on both sides.

And there are people who are supporting this. Literally. What kind of world are we building for our children, where we turn blind eye to children dying, families destroyed.

India technically abstained. I wish, we would have stopped that diplomacy at the government level. It embarrassing to see Indians speaking for Putin. Are you living under a rock? It’s also heartening to see support for Ukraine from Indians.

War is bad. Invading another country un-provoked is bad. Killing people, especially people with whom you share religion, culture, brotherhood is bad. There cannot be any justification for this. I don’t think it is that difficult to understand. What is baffling is, this is happening for the past one week and no end in sight. Clearly Animal traits, the Human breed didn’t evolve.

I have read Afghanistan only from Khaled Hosseini’s narrative and I cannot re-read his books. It is too painfully true. It is sad. He took one human emotion in each of his stories and then bind it in words until your heart bleeds. I don’t remember the words verbatim, but I clearly remember how I felt when I read about Afghanistan before the Soviets, before the Taliban in the pages of The Kite Runner. How much I longed to be transported to Kabul’s market.

It may be unfair, but what happens in a few days, sometimes even a single day, can change the course of a whole lifetime…”

The Kite Runner.

And these days, I cannot think of what is going through Ukrainian’s minds when they wake up. Am on another continent and war sickens me. What is it for people living through it? For the husbands and sons and fathers who are separated from the family to protect the family.

Please, Hug your Child, Kiss your Spouse. Respect your neighbor. Leave them alone.