Czech – Indefinite loop of {Tomas , Marek , Pavel and Jan}

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.”

  • Who said that – Need no introduction.


Well, My name is Himadri. It is the name of middle range of Himalaya’s and it means peak covered in snow .When my son was born , I spent countless hours on net searching for a perfect name for him… Me , my husband , my sis-in-law , my close family everyone 🙂

A perfect name – which must have a good meaning , which goes well with family name , which would  still mean good if shorten , which does not sound like a name from 1947! , which cannot be mis-spelled  , which starts from A so his name will be first in list  (:)) , which does not rhyme with any stupid brand/product/celebrity , which sounds good ,which is not so common , which is short not too long  , which will keep both sides of grandparent’s happy , which has a good origin ,  which is modern and no parent is named such ….the list is really long . Some have longer when they add – must be the name of God and ends with “appa”!

Then again, am lucky to be married to a muslim coz muslim only have one name. I (born Hindu) have 1 .. wait 3 names ! Some have 5 names and each name should be according to the perfect list. So now you know the fact – Indian’s name is perhaps difficult but is backed by count less  sleepless nights of our parents.

One of my friend with twins had horrible nightmares over naming his children ! He took  hmm may be 6 months to come with name for final naming ceremony but was not yet satisfied with them.


Now coming to the point here , let’s go to far far away kingdom . Czech Republic. My company has office there , so I have one very good friend and plenty of acquaintance . Czech is a place where beer is cheaper than water , where people are named either Tomas , Marek , Pavel or Jan , so it’s a country of indefinite loop of ….

Disclaimer : I love Czech , haven’t been there , but have heard and known so much that am really hoping to visit it soon. am not making any fun of anyone’s name here .. It’s just an observation. Do you have same feeling?

Yeah , they have taken Shakespeare famous quote very very seriously. What’s in the name ? Everyone is either named Tomas or Marek or Pavel or Jan.. at least most of the name I know ! Gonna be a parent , what’s the worry – check your neighbour and name your child the next name in line .So I can imagine street with name Tomas , Marek , Pavel , Jan and the cycle repeats itself!

Tomas did not know the meaning of his name , he never bothered to check .. What’s in the name attitude 🙂 Imagine life is so easy for new parent there .. isn’t it. Indians will definitely agree, Yeah ! this is so easy .. no misspelling – you know all the probable name spelling , how can you go wrong with spelling 4 names .

On the other hand , hmm

  1. I wonder how to call out for someone in a crowd .. I say “Tomas” and 20 people will turn around – “Yes ?” 🙂 But then again – where will you find a crowd in Czech – ask an Indian !
  2. Be careful to send message to the right Tomas – Tomas Slivka not Tomas Horak . Slivka is friend and Horak is boss .. dont want to upset boss !
  3. This one always confuses me  Marek Reha – Doesnt Reha sound like firstname , yes isn’t it , but it’s  last name – as corrected to me by many at several times, but listen to this one – Marek Liolias – now  suddenly here Marek suits as first name .
  4. Jan – is not Jan like the month , but “yan” – J is pronounced as Y. This is really good name coz add one more a to already one there  and it means “life” in Hindi literally but is used in a romantic context always – You are my “Jaan” .. Thank goodness I have no immediate colleague as Jan
  5. Have seen sometimes on discovery -Someone named “Jan” built something in Prague in 1335 ! hmmm Jan name is antique piece. Its very very old. He can sell it for millions !
  6. Re-Usability at its best , can not give you a better example. Enter Pavel in my office lync communicator – shows only first 50 names , it leaves the rest hmm I dont know . many Pavel’s for next  🙂

Well , Moral of the story – What’s in the name anyways – I love Tomas and will like to hug him tight for free when we meet, whatever be his name coz he is a cool Czech , like most of others there 🙂

PS : Tom , Dick and Harry – Ordinary people  ? Really ? Seriously ? wth ! is wrong with Dick’s parent’s – why would anyone name their child Dick !

PPS : My husband name is Abdul Rahim , bro-in-law – Abdul Hassan and father-in-law – Abdul Khader – Re-usability at not its best , but still count!