Euro Trip : Ask for direction in Stockholm !

This post is my observation .. one of many from my recent summer trip to EU. Here are the previous one .. no linking , you dont have to read them to read this one 🙂

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My husband has been to Stockholm , some 10 years back and I vaguely remember him telling me this observation , BUT I didnt realise its full (hmm how to say) effect ( !) till I visited Stockholm this summer.

Now , watch and learn or rather in this case read and learn 🙂

You could be lost in Stockholm or any city and would ask for direction from any local. I always thought Indians are very helping and would easily give me direction , Till I met Sweds from Stockholm.

Ask anyone about direction to abc or xyz , the people there take it very very seriously. One would think , analyse , look into the map , point out with pen , consult among themselves ( if its a group) and then give us a complete report.. Its like it becomes their life mission for the moment- This person has to reach exactly where he wants and am responsible if he doesnt !

Well , if its not clear yet let me put it down straight – am actually complimenting swedes on this. They so much gets into it , it takes them easily 10 minutes to give us direction and be satisfied that they have done best. Again a compliment.

Once even a passerby lady stopped to help the fellow whom we asked to direction.

So , just carry a map and pen and anyone in Stockholm can give you a full report of how to reach there- bus number , walking distance , landmark , confirmation after consulting other one.

You are never lost in such city 🙂