Love it…then list it.

Rain. Barish. Definitely on top of my list.

Winter Sun. I love the warmth.

The warmth of my husband…He is hot!

The smile. The million dollar smile of my son, and his inane chatter.

The peace when the inane chatterer is finally asleep.

The sleeping chatterer and his peaceful face.Basically anything he does.

Food. At 1600 hours when am so hungry, I could eat a horse.

Food. At 1900 when am so hungry, I could eat an elephant a fish. I just had horse couple of hours back. I can’t be THAT hungry to eat an elephant now.

Sunrise. I guess. I actually haven’t seen one in a long time.

Bonfire. Only at home. During winters. Holding husband’s hand. Listening to inane chatter surrounded by my siblings and parent. Gosh, I really miss this.

Fish. When it is fried and added in curry.

Or Steamed.

Food seems to occur frequently in my list. Am I hungry now? Would everyone’s list have so much food?

The “Like” on my posts. Seriously. Thank you. Hit that like and remember to follow. Should I shamelessly ask more?

Poo and pee, especially after holding on for a long time. Whatever be the reason for holding.

Saying whatever and nevermind to annoy friend Tomas who hates any conversation that ends with whatever or nevermind.

Nevermind, he doesn’t read my blog. No point annoying my other pretty Readers. So Whatever, let’s continue with my list.

A night out with girl gang. Lollie-pollies, thank you for transforming me into a drunk dancer, saving my ass from the kitty-party-pout-selfies set up!

The left tilt of the weighing scale needle. Yay, am losing it!

Hot steamed white rice with ghee and aloo pitika (mashed potato).

I hope no one notices that the previous bullet is about food. Should I not write this post on an empty stomach. Do I see a pizza in the air?

Words. Fonts.

A resolved bug. Am surprised it is on my list. I do not want to be known as the IT girl.

Horror stories and the chit-chatting about the ghost. Are you sure there is no ghost in your apartment?

The call from a friend at 2230 hours to have cake. Home-made. Freshly baked. Nidhi , You rock 🎸

My phone showing Papa calling…

The bed. When it is all made neatly. Ready to engulf me.

Cuddling. Under a cover. Warm body.

Or Just me under a warm quilt/razai.

Sleeping late in the morning. Or just sleeping.

Chat at 3 am. Actually I hate that. Why can’t I sleep? Text at 3. Naaah.

Saturday and Sunday! Why don’t we have more of these days in a week? Like Mon, Sun, Tue, Sun, Wed, Sat, Thurs, Sat, Fri and then of course Sat-Sun. I stretched 7 days to 11 days. I think we can nip Monday. And Thursday too. And call it 9 days a week.

Book authored by John Green. When you stopped wishing things wouldn’t fall apart, you’d stop suffering when they did.

I swear, my husband would swear by that line. He is a certified non-sufferer. Contest open for anyone who can make him suffer. Prize money 1 million. I know I will make cool million.

Harry Potter movie. Add The Fantastic Beast to the list. Hindi Movie QueenLondon thumakta.

Assam. North East. India. Mountain.

The Big Bang Theory. And Friends. I will be there for you..

A long weekend. It’s coming soon…

Kaju-katli (Dry cashew nut sweet) and Mango (The king of the fruit). No one can eat just one. Summer is only good because of Mango.

Fart. Am so proud I could say that out loud. Technically I wrote. Didn’t say. Whatever.

Nevermind.Are you reading this? I sure do hope you do and be annoyed.

A good book. One that you cannot put down. Especially the last few chapters.

A walk in the rain. Even if it is silly. Amu- Do you remember our walk around apartment last monsoon. PS: Readers- Amu and I are NOT a thing together, although it would seem like two persons walking under rain as being a thing together.

Sunset, I always wished to have a dress that steals color from the setting sun.

The color of beetroot.

Capsicum and Bell Pepper.

Hey, Have you have lost weight…patli ho gaye hai” kind of greeting.

The coffee-time at the office.

The lunchtime at the office. Without A. He eats very slow. He is a sloth-like-eater. Actually, sloth will win.

Me and son jumping in front of the TV when the husband is insanely occupied into the TV.

Lotus. Always fascinated by this. Never seen one up close.

Color Green. It suits anyone, anything. Pleasant to eyes. One would say Blue. Whatever.

That should be all..for now. Nevermind my list. What are the things that you love the most? Make a list this valentine and be thankful.


Image source…Google.

I hate it when someone else has power to ruin my day, to make me sad, to upset me.

I hate it when someone’s happiness gives me so much joy that I do stupid silly thing over and over only to be embarrassed later.

Ahem. So basically, I just hate Love.

Happiness is…

Reading book on the beach. Next to mighty ocean , the waves never letting anyone come close… And

Am thankful for the little things , You should be too !

There are some actions we go through every day , follow it unconsciously . Actions which gives us immense pleasure in life , peace of mind , relaxation of muscles , stress busters…. all unknowingly unselfishly.

Do we pause to enjoy these ? acknowledge ..?

Nooo. We ignore , coz , as usual humans are ungrateful beings!

Not me , not anymore , not in new year.

Am gonna thank and appreciate all the good things that happened to me this year and will continue to be thankful till my last breath.

Happiness is ,

Early in the morning when bladder is sending SOS signals to brain ; but son won’t let go , wants to hug on for some more time while the bowel is screaming “Now”. At the nth moment, deceive ,run for life , sit and release yourself !

Happiness at last amidst all “Mummy” screams!

Isn’t that SOME FEELING of relief 🙂 . It is pure pleasure , happiness.. if you pause to feel it.

Start from office for home( in hurry ), dare to ignore pokes from bladder. Drive straight to home. Park the scooter , get to the lift lobby . Lift is stuck at 2nd floor for whatever idiotic reason I can’t dwell on now .  Get in the lift (finally!) press your floor button. Hurry with the keys , fumble drop , pick up . Never-mind the keys, ring the door-bell , Someone , anyone pls  open the door NOW.

Rush to the bathroom.

It isn’t waste leaving our body .. its pressure , its stress and its “Sukun” at last.

And alas we don’t even thank God for our daily trip to bathroom. Do we ? We thank HIM for food , money , car , family .. but ?

PS : Just to be clear here , Pee and Poo , both gives me same sense of relief. I want to credit both to bring happiness in my life!


Now this is something we humans as civilized society refuses to acknowledge point blank. We behave as if it never happens , I don’t, I didn’t hear a thing. One of my friend , just won’t listen about my farting adventures. Hates it , refuses to believe everyone fart’s including princess of Disney world.

Flash news  hero – We fart , everyone does. The whush, the paaa , the peeee sound or the noiseless impact. Unload  the big gas vent and feel the magic.

It’s natural , its healthy and what’s more – it’s fun! comes with the bonus point – muscle relaxation..

So go ahead , enjoy the life’s greatest pleasure of farting (more fun in front of your gf ). From now on , I will not pretend I didn’t do it. No more. Am a die hard fart fan! Paaeeeeeeeeeeeee.

PS: My husband always encourages me , says we can never be out of gas when he has me !

Itching and scratchy

Itching ? where .. eeesspecially at that unreachable , totally in-incommunicado part on my back . Any hand that comes for rescue is a blessed one!
Aaah sweetie, a little to left , up , center , wait stop right there and JALDI now! Oh Don’t stop , a little more . plsssss.

Isn’t that SOME FEELING ?
Driving on my scooter , suddenly , I feel something,the impulse is very strong. I come to stop and rush to home , what is the first thing I do ?
Scratch !

Doesn’t it feel like attainment ? Nirvana! Blessings! Am a step closure to God and at that moment my destiny is to just scratch that itch !
We should be thankful to itches ,  it tells us about the muscle , the corner ,the body cell that we never care, exists.

PS: My husband appreciates this already. He is trying to teach my son how to play with car on track very strategically located at his back, while he is lying face down ,


I have so far a bit un-fortunate in this , I do not burp often , as often as I wish.
Am aware of the satisfaction one gets from it . I know it . I have seen it. In the eyes of my father , uncle , aunts. The eyes are satisfied , happy followed by burrrrrp of a good meal.
A good burp says a lot about the meal.
You don’t need to thank , tip or acknowledge the cook. Just burp !

Buuuuuurrrp  Lady ! that was superb meal.

PS: I will practice burp , let’s all resolve to learn to burp and be thankful for full stomach.


Need I say about its importance and how much we yawn and just yawn and yawn . but just not talk about how grateful we do it!

It’s the best way out to tell BORE , SLEEPY without uttering a word?

I mean , Yawn doesn’t lie.

PS: Am grateful for yawn coz this tells my little hero is sleepy and with some efforts on bed , he will sleep and I can watch my episodes of GoT!


Moral of the story:

Don’t be an asshole – Burp , Yawn , Poo , Pee or Fart. Be thankful for little pleasures in life.