My future is bright..

Starting mid of next week, I will be away for 2 whole weeks, ¬†with NO access to phone or internet ūüė¶¬†¬† BUT plenty of access to fresh fish and food cooked by my mother ūüôā


PS: My future is bright , starting mid of next week ..As of today, I still have to deal with dreadful monday.

PPS: Away for two whole weeks ..¬†means 2 WHOLE weeks,including weekends ,¬†dreadful monday , yay-am-half-way-through-week wednesday , and wonderful friday ..all without office , no get-ready-for-school-issues ,no get-grocery …

PPPS: The aim is to make readers envious.. Are you ? Oh wow , sounds wonderful , am so envious. No .. not yet ?  See this and wait till I post my agenda for those 2 weeks.. Hint : Includes a hell lot of fish of all sizes and lots of sleeping and a house beside a pond and birds,trees and doing NOTHING.

he he he evil laugh.