My son is smart , and am …

Scene: Adi , My 3.10-year-old boy playing with cars.

Trying to put 5 cars into a box that has the capacity to hold only 4. The box is the sleeping chamber for his selected cars.

Last week it was my lunch box. I kept waking up cars at morning rush hour to have my lunch pack into it instead. This week is better. It is his school pencil box.

Hmm, wonder why does he choose only the morning-rush boxes…Why does he like to do what is in my do-not-do-especially-in-busy-morning list??!

Kids  I tell you , knows all list except for mummy-approves-to-do-list!

Moving on , scene recap : Adi is playing with cars

I can clearly see the box cannot hold his black car.It is full . And he is trying for no reason.

Me : Adi , black car cannot go into the box. That box doesn’t have the place for it.

Adi : No mummy , the black car wants to go into the box and sleep.

Me : No beta  there is NO way the black car can sleep inside that box tonight.

Adi  takes one look at the black car , then his pencil box aka sleeping chamber, removes one red car from it and puts his black one inside.

Smiling , See , now the black car can sleep inside the box 😀

Me : (floating with motherly love hormones kicking in , rendering everyone else on planet earth stupid and my son the smartest lad ever created since big bang)

Me (To son) : Yay .Yes, beta you did it!

Me( To husband , Grinning with proud) :See our son is soooo smart 🙂

Husband : Yes he is smart. And  (evil laugh ) his mother dumb!

I hate you, husband! 

I want twins …..sure?


We want twins . We always wanted twins. I have to do something may be eat 2 banana, eat 2 chapati .. everything in multiplication of 2.

Shall we ask doctor if it’s possible somehow ?

I read somewhere women who conceive after certain age are most likely to have twins. Shall we postpone ?

Oh , How I wish I have twins! Let’s check out cloning?

Me : Why can’t you teach your swimmers to join hands and end up in a draw ! .. I  really really wanna have twins..



But Alas , Life is not a freaking wish granting factory!

Doc , Are you sure .. look closely ..their might be another egg and sperm trying out ?

My sister has twins

Am so happy , at least someone has twins…she is so lucky!


My sister comes home with her year old twins named L and K

L sleeps at 2000 , K at 2300. L wakes up at 600  and K at 1000. Each child takes turn to wake up every 2 hours.

L likes cerelac for breakfast , K likes his meal less mushy. Two breakfasts.

L is playing with red car. K wants the very same red car at the very same moment. One screams , other is crazily happy seeing bro scream!

L pees , then K pees and then L poos and then K poos. And then L needs to pee again. And then it is bath time , one after another.

K is playing with his favorite toy when L wants mommy. Then contagiously K also wants mommy. Mommy wants to pee but who cares!

After  2 days , sister goes back with her twins.

Me , husband finally : Yay ! We do not have twins! 


“Bach gaye”!


One word inspiration ,Never do it empty stomach.

(Feeling inspired , thinking head and  jumping heart )

That was awesome .. ? I think it is a wonderful idea..

Yeah , Yes.. We should totally do it.

Define a word that would be my North Star  for 2016. Am thinking…………


Head : What ? How could you come up with that word. one word , just (louder) ONE word  , you lazy lazy bum …ONE word to be your torch for 2016 , that you would embrace completely , love deeply , stick by it  and the first word you choose is ( insulting pause ) S-L-E-E-P .  

You are not my heart anymore!

Like it or not , am sticking around.  Can’t you see? We both looooove sleeping . Why not make it  official!

Any trouble in life , just sleep it off. This too shall pass while you dream on your cozy bed , with you, my dear head resting on pillow.

Head: Thinking is my job , stupid heart.  Lemme do it. Quietly.

Hmm , Okay.

After a minute .

Here is another one. Chicken.


Head: (fumes coming out of one ear ) Aha, Chicken , hmm? Exactly ,How does that inspire you ? When do you ever hear anyone say let’s do it like chicken … Let’s be like chicken ? Chicken is born to die .. remember , it’s bred only for recipe .

C’on .Chicken is inspiration .We go extra miles for that one joint in other part of city famous for chicken biryani! How can you forget Afgani chicken kebabs..

Head : (fumes coming out of both the ears and a bit of nose )Did you even get what the post means? What it means to have a word as torch for 2016.

(murmuring) Well .. chicken fits. Its a light .. a  guiding torch , guiding us to that biryani wala .

Head: (fuming) We need a word which is like #growing 

After a minute .

Oh wait. Here is another one..

Head (interrupting  harshly) : Not FISH!  That doesn’t qualify either. What is wrong with you .. Food is your inspiration ? Think Verb .. think action.

(murmuring) Sleeping qualifies as verb , and you are thinking now at dinner time rather than eating ….food. I can only see chicken and fish floating around me now .

Head is in complete state of meditation , thinking , occasionally a sound , a murmur  , sometimes yapping  : A word for me ….. to help me  …inspiration….

After dinner.

I could see chicken and fish cannot be inspiration for 2016! That was my empty stomach talking before dinner. Now stomach is sleeping , head is still searching for word… yapping…

My 3 year old boy walks in, comes straight to my lap , face towards me … his little arms wrapped around my neck.. 

Adi : Mummy , let’s play the game happy face , angry face.

(Presses my right cheek) c’on , show me happy face, (presses again) abhi gussa(= now angry face). Wiggles his nose to get his angry look , giggles with laughter for happy face.

Head and Heart , both measuring his immeasurable cuteness..

One word.  Son.

Will get me through , any or everything .. when he has his arms around my neck .

PS :  This post is Blogging 101 assignment , to write a post inspired by other post.

In reality , though I agree with Safari Girl, I could not think of anything more inspiring for me than my own family and especially my son. A bit bore ending , humorless than originally intended. Nevertheless ..  am still measuring his cuteness..



3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge, Day 1!

Thank you nerdsakshi and  pranabaxom for giving me this challenge.

I could not start it sooner , coz my sister with her a year old twin boy were visiting us and my favorite quote for the whole time was “Which one (of the twins) woke up” .. Sssh!

Twins, I tell you . Both a year old , same age 😉 , I tell you . both boys , Boy! Do I really need to tell you 🙂

Anyways ..Challenge accepted. It didn’t come with any expiry time.. So I assume am not out of race and can bore you with one quote a day I like..

Challenge Rules:

  • Post three consecutive days.
  • You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  • Challenge three different bloggers per day

Now , the quote. 

Being a mother is like flowing in hormones of awe , happy , sad , OMG! , oops , that hurts , am-gonna-cry , go-to-hell-that-boy-beating-my-boy , keep calm , have mercy , GOD -where-are-you , Husband-where-are-you ,  …blah blah blah ..

BUT finally I have found Nirvana with “Finding Nemo” and I remember this always when am dealing with my hormones and son.

Marlin: I promised I’d never let anything happen to him.

Dory: Hmm. That’s a funny thing to promise.

Marlin: What?

Dory:  Well you can’t never let anything happen to him. Then nothing would ever happen to him.

My nominees are

  1. Jake
  2. Lucky 
  3. SimpleDimple

PS: I should probably tell these persons of challenge  , or NOT. That way .. they may not come across this crucial missing piece of information to win the challenge that am challenging them and may not quote anything and I may win this!

What’s the prize money to win this challenge , I need to ask nerd and prana?



Last race and am too sleepy to decide on will leave it

Time to sleep.

For most of us. Some are more blessed then me. than  or then ? Mwaaah..

10:37 PM Isn’t it late ?Yeah we sleep late,working on it. Don’t lecture me now . Am not in mood. Why? Read along .

37 minutes ago

10:00:01 PM I don’t know what in the world is going on , Why ?

Hey! Just looook at the bed , the spread , the pillow  … Aah , That moment is not far away when I will close my eyes and  relax my butt on that very bed.  The pillow will be “one”  with my head and the heart will embrace bed. And I will forget what in the world is going on!

Aah , am so close..

Snap it! Adi is still playing with cars..
Me : Bed time Adi , take all your cars off the bed , into the box NOW.
Adi : Mummy pls , they want to race now. Laasst one. Plss.

 How long does it takes one race anyways. * remember this , very crucial *

Me: Okay .. Just ONE LAST race.

He lines up all his car ( blue , police car , yellow , red .. you get the drift ,am too tired to count)

10:05 PM Adi : But how can they race without tickets.

Me * looks at the clock ,settles down near the edge of bed , leaving the rest of bed for race*: Okay , Then get them tickets soon.
Adi picks up yellow car , drive it to me and “Mummy ,you will give the tickets”.
Me: Yellow car , here is your ticket.

Adi drives it back to the center of bed and places it next to red car. Brings in the red car. Drives down to edge of bed where am trying not to think about all those lucky fellows in dreamland.

Red  , here is your ticket. Adi drives back  , places it next to police car. Brings in the police car.

You know the feeling ?

With full stomach ,on bed ,literally. I mean am there..right there.. lying down already. Heavy eyes ,  dreamy already . GOSH ! am sooooo close to “sleep”. If only this race gets over…

Each sec counts and I can hear the tick-tock.

10:10 PM I gathered some strength , made a mental note of ” I can write a post about this , I mean why should I suffer alone!” and crawled to center of bed and issued each car with a ticket.

10:12 PM Me: Now start the race , get to finish line. Switch off the light and sleep! Have I asked too much?

10:12:03  PM My son is mad , mad because “Does air-planes race with cars? Why did you give him a ticket to race mummy!”

Where the hell is the that air-plane. Give me back my ticket. 

10:13 PM Then the blue taxi doesn’t want to race and wants to cuddle to Mummy. I moved back to my edge again along with blue taxi

Adi: but blue taxi wants to see the race.. sleep here.

10:15 PM Blue taxi and Mummy is positioned so can see the race. Let’s get on with damn race and sleep.

10:16 PM Mummy , cars need petrol to race. Pls fill tanks.

10:16:01  PM I wonder , why am I the one doing all chores . Is he gonna be a Project Manager? Just assigning tasks not  actually doing it himself ?

PM Eh ? Not bad .

Then I think of all office conversations “How awful that PM is ! “. Sign!
Phew ! I will still settle down PM for my son. They earn well , they can leave early too and he seems pretty good in handling the situation.

10:17 PM Adi : Mummy ! Petrol …..

10:20 PM All cars are filled.

10:21 PM Mummy is screaming “Start the race”. Almoooost there.

10:21:01 PM Adi : Mummy , police car doesn’t race .. Police cars race karte hai kya?

10:21:02 PM Me: That is exactly what I was wondering and also how wonderful would it be to sleep now. Am almost there . Just need to close eyes. I know am repeating these lines .. you see am almooooost there.

10:22 PM Race beings .

Red car aka Mc Queen had a tyre burst! Yellow car crashed , Green car tumbled twice in the crash debris. black car is flying around and orange truck isn’t racing coz it’s a pick up truck not race car silly!

10:23 PM God ,give me strength not to strangle my only son.” I want to sleep. 

10:25 PM Race is finished!
Adi : Mummy , Race is 2 laps!

10:25:01 PM WTF!

10:30 PM


10:35 PM

I don’t know what happened in last 10 minutes , I assume I dozed off.
During which time blue taxi was crushed under my weight and Adi needs a doctor now to fix it up.

10:36 PM
Me (I decided , I haaave to sleep now) : Adi …

nevermind .. he never listens to me

Me  * to cars now*: All cars .. get into the box NOW. 

10:36:02 PM
Adi : Mummy , They are in lap 2 ..last race.

The race is proceeding ..

10:36:03 PM Hubby walks in.

Hubby: What’s this ? Why are you not in bed already ? Put all your cars in box.

10:36:03999999 PM Adi puts all cars in box. Cuddles with his father.

10:36:04 PM Hubby switch off lights. Both goes to sleep.

What’s just happened ??

After exactly 37 minutes ..

Am wide awake ; Motherly  hormones kicking in , wondering Why doesn’t he ever listens to me ?

Damn you cars , you fooled me!