Macro Moments Challenge: Week 16

Nope , am not a photographer. I don’t have patience . It’s like fishing. Wait for the moment and click at THE exact time to capture the perfect moment. Who has so much time?

But , I have a husband , who as I said earlier , loves lilliput stuff more than anything else, has patience and passion for waiting for THE moment. When I noticed on Susan’s blog about the Macro Moment challenge , ¬†I started pestering him for settings , I could pick a macro pic from his collection myself, but he has to supply me with camera details and settings. You see , am an enabler , I help to spread hubby’s hobby , I must be the greatest wife on planet earth evil laugh ūüėÄ

I realised , am blabbing a lot. Here is the pic. It took a week and now, here it  is. Susan. Thanks for this challenge! 


Camera: Canon PowerShot S5 IS  Canon Powershot S5 IS

Lens:  Raynox DCR -250

somethingūüôā¬†. I will update the exact settings as soon as hubby provides. next time , I will be better prepared!

The insect : Hey , that yellow pollen looks delicious. I have to get it for Mrs Insect! She will make a perfect soup.


And¬†the winner of¬†The Best Birthday Gift from an Indian wife to her¬†husband during Indian summer¬†(Drum rolling…)

Time spent in making the elaborate birthday special dinner ,  his favorite actually , inside kitchen which unmistakably , miserably,  undeniably  , and indisputably  transforms into a hot furnace when mercury soars and bloody wind escapes to celebrate spring in west!

Happy Birthday Sweetie ‚̧ . I made your favorite prawns.



Please “Bear” me

Thank you dear D for nominating me for something very different . Spirit of animal award. How cool is that ! Lots!

So, 5 facts about me.

  1. At 12 ,I tried to participate in school group dance , first time.¬†But was kicked out because I could not shake¬†my damn butt.I had stiff-butt syndrome. It just wont shake like Shakira. Since then,¬†I never tried butt dancing on stage , but it hasn’t stopped me from dancing off-stage ūüėČ
  2. I hate summer , especially Indian summer. It’s sweaty and seriously hot. But I love Mango , yummy . It’s truly king of fruits.
  3. I have never been to spa. I wish to visit once.
  4. I would rather read synopsis on imdb, then sit through 2 hours of a movie. My husband refuses to let me have remote on the ground that I could read the movie I wanna see , but he really need to watch . Grrr..
  5. ¬†I hate cooking , I just survive kitchen. I wish humans were like¬†camels , who could go without food and water for many many days so I wouldn’t have to cook every damn day! Needless to say , I got a cook as soon as my salary allowed me the luxury. yay!

Now , my favorite part.

Q:If you were an animal, which animal would you be?

Bear, Definitely a Bear , hundred times : Bear. Bear in this life and the next one .

Why ? You bet  , at the end of this list ..all you would want is to be a Bear.

Please Bear me.

  1. So I can nap¬†all winters , I mean all of the winters. No office , no get-ready-for school , no cooking , no washing , no laundry ..just months of pure bliss. Sleep time. I know , right ..why can’t we all be just bear!
  2. I wanna be Bear from¬†Game Of Throne after the period of “Winter is coming” when winter has arrived ! Why ? See above silly.
  3. So I can eat fish , swim with fish , play with fish and be just plain good old fish eater. 6th fact- I love fish.
  4. There are stories around in google how bear passed out ¬†after drinking beer. I need to do that .. that is in my bucket list. Get drunk once in life! To feel out of world and be free of head nodding “no” for every desire. So what’¬†stopping¬†me?¬†….¬†The taste and smell of alcohol is so nasty , I can’t go beyond a sip. Why can’t anyone get drunk eating fish with mango milk-shake! Right?
  5. I can feature in Masha and the Bear .. Oh How I love the series.
  6. I can be the Po in Kung-fu-Panda . Lady , those are an animated series .  Gawh .. Am sure there is a team of humans who did those animations , and they need an inspiration , they do study actual bear.  I could be the that one. Perform all stunt of Kung-fu while they are watching me and tirelessly capturing me in animate. And on the day of release hey see ..kung-fu-panda looks like me! 
  7. ¬†So I can build up my fat and really do not ever ever worry about weight gain. Stomach isn’t flat , arms too big ¬†, thighs are like 4 lane highways! Move over , come here fish. Lets make that stomach big round ball of fur !
  8. So I look so big that everyone is afraid  of me and I can terrorize anyone I want.

PS: Got to make list of people not to terrorize. Either you reader , like this post or send me a plate of fish with a dozen fresh mango to avoid being excluded from that list. You have been warned.

The last and interesting part ..Nominees.

Now this is really difficult for me. Each one in blogging community is so wonderful , it’s hard to name just 10. I love all I read .. So am gonna name the last¬†10 blogs I started following.

Spoken like true nut.

Garfield hug 


Little voice 

this stuff is golden

This is my Life!

Days in Hell

Blog of Hammad Rais

A Hopelessly Wandering Mind

You are by no means obliged to participate, if you’d like to, have fun with it!:)


Once you’re nominated add the photo to your blog.

Write a short (5 lines or more) description about yourself and what your blog means to you. Oh and if you were an animal, which animal would you be? (No buzzfeed answers please).

Nominate 10 bloggers for this award

Done. Please be Bear. We can hibernate together.Winter is coming.









Hello , hello ..

Head : Am thinking of doing this prompt ..

Your blog is about¬†to be recorded into an audio book. If you could choose anyone ‚ÄĒ from your grandma to Samuel L. Jackson ‚ÄĒ to narrate your posts, who would it be?

Head: Hmm, who would be the best person to¬†record my posts … and then make me sound like the¬†most mature , intelligent brainy person ever walking on earth.

(Yawning )¬†Now you sound bore, utter BOORE. Find a person who will sound you like sexiest woman alive… Boy , you will be popular with hundreds in tow.

Head: Hundreds of toddlers in tow? Lady .. you are not 17 anymore And this is not about you , but your posts!

Oh hell ! You are still so bore …

Head:So lets see , someone who is epitome of great voice , obviously Amitabh Bachchan.

Head-o-wise-man , He is a dude . At least choose a female voice.

Head: Well , that is not in the rule and his voice is so sexy even when he is speaking in she! Kabhi Kabhi mere dil .. 

Okay -So imagine Amitabh , A¬†boy , a gentleman saying out loud¬†“ And then I became a mother ..” or “Being in red skirt , orange blouse for award ceremony” or
or a person of such respect talking about nothing other than fart !

Rolling on the floor laughing aka ROFL !

Oh boy .. I wanna hear Amitabh advocating for fart and pee and yawning wearing a red skirt..talking about being a mother..
Head: okay , okay , Stop I get it. No Mr Bachchan , then Who ?

Hmm , Priyanka Chopra , That girl from Quantico. Heard she is gonna be Oscar Presenter this year..So why not first audio record my posts , blab in red skirt and orange blouse , tell about to be a mother. What say ?

Head :Well , She can , but she has found her foothold and is not gonna spoil it reciting¬†your posts , I mean look at what you write ! how you just like to nap at the first chance on¬†European¬†shores in full¬†view of public like it is your backyard , or how you aren’t sure of your height – tall or short¬†or , wanna get drunk¬†

Holy lord ! my own head makes me sound like one low esteem , lazy , drunk , homeless fellow!

Head : You asked for it lady !

Moral of the story

And thus the voices stopped. Head and heart could not together find one name to read¬†my posts… Sorry Daily Post , ¬†sorry wordpress , good prompt but no name.


PS:  I asked my husband ;

Husband: Think of how much money Amitabh will demand ..he is a superstar!

Me: (rolling eyes , yawning after a fart and a good burp ) :¬†Don’t get carried away sweetie, it is just a one is actually recording!


Am ready with my acceptance speech ,oopsie !

Hurry! Yay ! I got an award. My first one.

This , sakhi of very beautiful blog presented me with this award. Check her out her blog and do not give her creep. Sakshi , you are my favorite person now.

So here I come . To take my award.

ME in a beautiful red gown , sitting next to superstar wife.

Oops , Not exactly red but orange skirt and yellow with red patch dress , high heels . Oh my blue award lady ,sitting pretty .

And then ¬†ME again , “act” surprised and all smiles¬†when my name is¬†announced by Sakshi as one of 15 ! ¬†My¬†heart has already orbited moon several times from the joy ,¬†while I maintain formalities with my mortal body with a camera friendly smile.

I know I will do good  coz  I have practiced (seriously , literally!) receiving award many times in front of bathroom mirror. I cannot practice outside bathroom ..can I , these days?

I also have prepared my acceptance speech , Here it goes.

I would like to thank (checking notes)¬†Ooopsie doopsie ! (Grinning )My bad ..¬†, this one is¬†when I win best singer. hmm , it goes like¬† I¬†sing few lines from my hit song. Audience is spell bound. Screaming Once more. I become the talk of the night , the moment of the night. Pity I cannot use it here , cannot sing on WP. ¬†But please act spellbound , let’s create the atmosphere right. right?

I have also decided , whom I am gonna hug first , you know when I stand up to go to stage to receive my trophy.  The superstar wife , so I could prove we are BFF and I hang out with her always.

Again , pity … am already missing my BFF.

Oh yeah , I also practiced the “air kiss”. You know , the kiss of¬†hi-society, in-air-not actually on cheek kiss. That¬†do-not-spoil-my-lipstick and be-careful-of-my-hairdo kiss. It is actually easier than kissing , pout -kiss -other cheek kiss and done!

Damn , all practice going drain.

Sakhi: Hira … I have ¬†to give trophy to 14 more ..will you shutup and get along ?

I say she will make a perfect wife.



Here are the rules of the Blogger Recognition Award:

Rule 1: Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. check!

Rule 2:¬†Provide a link to the award creator. Now who is that? ¬†Wait , does this means I cannot be…I better rush to get it.

Rule 3: Attach the award to your post.¬†Aha, Will do … Am still thinking where to place it. Perhaps About Me. Blog page is all cluttered.

Rule 4: Nominate fifteen other bloggers, excluding yourself and the person who nominated you. Obviously

Rule 5: Write a brief story of how you started your blog.

Rule 6: A piece or two of advice to new bloggers.

Rule 7: Comment on the blogs you have named here to let them know you have nominated them.

How I started my blog: 

I think I have summed it up in About Me already. I do , so my husband cannot say I didn’t do. But¬†I have just started and ¬†I have NO intention or talent to be writer or even successful blogger. I just write.

Advice to new bloggers:

hmm , Join Blogging 101 . Free course , totally cool.

Don’t be lazy ass like me , network. Go out read/comments other blogs. Leave your mark.

Blog is public domain. Your pics and words stays forever in internet. So keep that in mind. Always.

Write , Write , Read and Have fun.

Last but not least , Follow ME.¬†Always come back to my blog and like all my post. Yes All of them. Read it of course ! What , no time ?¬†then, send me a kilo of fried fish and I will forgive you ūüėČ

My Nominee

Fleeting Muse

Peasant Blog

Now , all I have  to do is to leave comment on each one about award.Phew!

(checking on mirror practicing air-kiss)…Where is my secretary when I need her the most


Thank you nerdsakshi and  pranabaxom for giving me this challenge.

Today is Day 2 , So I won’t repeat my blabbing from Day 1.

Challenge Rules:

  • Post three consecutive days.
  • You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  • Challenge three different bloggers per day

Now , the quote. 


I think , am in love with John Green. He writes such beautiful conversations , I have many favorites from just one book.

John Green РThe Fault In Our Stars. 

” The world is not a wish-granting factory.‚ÄĚ

“But, Gus, my love, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity”

“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world…but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices.”

I mean , Isn’t all that true .. ? And all of us already know it , We don’t need John to tell us that, but somehow the way John has penned it makes ¬†memorable line.

My nominees are

  1. Jake
  2. Lucky 
  3. SimpleDimple


PS: I asked Sakshi and Prana for prize. Prana is poet , hence broke and sakshi offered me cup of coffee. I guess I will settle with that. Rewards of poor man.

PPS : I think ,  if I quote 2 out of 3 , I should consider myself pass the challenge. So .. ..

PPPS: I have nominated the same persons again, coz guess what I didn’t inform nominees the first time. Hidden agenda .. sssssh. See below.

PS from Day 1 , which holds true on Day 2 too : I should probably tell these persons of challenge  , or NOT. That way .. they may not come across this crucial missing piece of information to win the challenge that am challenging them and may not quote anything and I may win this!

Am sooooo gonna win this challenge! 

3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge, Day 1!

Thank you nerdsakshi and  pranabaxom for giving me this challenge.

I could not start it sooner , coz my sister with her a year old twin boy were visiting us and my favorite quote for the whole time was “Which one (of the twins) woke up” .. Sssh!

Twins, I tell you . Both a year old , same age ūüėČ , I tell you . both boys , Boy! Do I really need to tell you ūüôā

Anyways ..Challenge accepted. It didn’t come with any expiry time.. So I assume am not out of race and can bore you with one¬†quote a day I like..

Challenge Rules:

  • Post three consecutive days.
  • You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  • Challenge three different bloggers per day

Now , the quote. 

Being a mother is like flowing in hormones of¬†awe , happy , sad , OMG! , oops , that hurts , am-gonna-cry , go-to-hell-that-boy-beating-my-boy , keep calm , have mercy , GOD -where-are-you , Husband-where-are-you , ¬†…blah blah blah ..

BUT¬†finally I have found Nirvana with “Finding Nemo” and I remember this always when am dealing with my hormones and son.

Marlin:¬†I promised I’d never let anything happen to him.

Dory:¬†Hmm. That’s a funny thing to promise.

Marlin: What?

Dory: ¬†Well you can’t never let anything happen to him. Then nothing would ever happen to him.

My nominees are

  1. Jake
  2. Lucky 
  3. SimpleDimple

PS: I should probably tell these persons of challenge  , or NOT. That way .. they may not come across this crucial missing piece of information to win the challenge that am challenging them and may not quote anything and I may win this!

What’s the prize money to win this challenge , I need to ask nerd and prana?