About Me? It’s so stupid .. Isn’t it? Talking about self . It’s like my appraisal time at work.

Boss: Tell us what you did last year and why should we appraise you?

Me : … Blank ! Bloody hell!


Me: aaaaa.. I did that thing ..

Boss: What thing lady?

Me:Aha! Readers will at least know am a lady. ( And by the way  , am from India … the incredible one.)

Never mind, Am blank even to write about this..


I started writing so I can refer back events when my husband disagrees with me. For instance,

Husband: That’s not true. I always said you are a great cook.

Me* search post* : No , you didn’t. Am sure , I wrote it down on my blog!

Husband: …….murmuring I hate your blog!

Me *opens laptop * : Grrrrrr! Am soooo gonna write it down now!

So its a personal events of life , ranging from my travel , food , office to mummy experience. No specific topic to write ,sometimes this , sometimes that .. Just trying to put my thoughts here as and when it pops in my head or heart 🙂


Happy Reading !

PS: My husband can never ever ever ever dare to murmur like that about MY blog 😉

28 thoughts on “About

  1. LOL.. no, that doesn’t do it justice.. Laughing Out Loud 😀 Thanks for writing this in such a conversational, straight-from–heart-to-screen way. no editing. no refining. loved it!

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