So it’s been really this long..

since I posted anything to this blog. Not even a pic?  I took loads with the comment “Aah need it for my blog”.

Apologies for my long absence to my non-existence fans 😉 

Who am I kidding? Probably no one is looking to see a notification from Hira. Meh!

PS: Am fishing for some Missed you sort of comments, welcome back is also fine. Or just Hi!

PS: WordPress updated editor during my absence. Where is my strike-through gone? Why do I have a feeling am not gonna like what wordpress has done?

So the reason for me being missing in action is LIFE.

I was away for a while, gone home aka Assam, remember the most amazing place on earth , doing NOTHING. Two blissful weeks on vacation.Among near and dear ones. And then I was back to the city which is my nest now. And then I quit my job aka my job of 10 years to join another job that is almost a lifestyle change for me. I was out of my comfort zone. 

There were too many changes in my life, all taken at the same time. Actually just three. Or two, if you don’t count the change in weather. (PS: Winter is here and I love it)

Am still adjusting to the new job, so far it is good. I have so much to learn aka read, am short of hours in a day to read. Am adjusting to the change in schedule. Am reading all the time. Technical, not legendary stories and that explains my absence from this space. 

But today, I wanna take you back to the morning of October, when I woke up to the sounds of birds, clear blue sky outside my window and the sight of green! Assam in October is amazing. The paddy is everywhere, getting ready for harvesting, presenting a landscape of green and plenty of shades of it. The sunshine is just of the right dosage. Not too strong to burn neither too soft to give a chill. It is magical. Yup…Aaah I wish I was there at this hour. Or every hour for the rest of my life. 

So, I woke up and decided for a morning walk. The paddy was inviting. The village had a new road, thanks to the govt. The road was from the corner of my house. It bends into the village, even further into the green. 


And then that is what am talking about


And this.


And then I met Turbo. If you have a child, who is into animation movies, you will know what am talking about. I touched the thing, it was slimy. 


And the road is lined with these. 


And that is why it is called Amazing Awesome Assam 🙂


And it’s too late here. Past midnight and tomorrow begin a new week. Monday Puff! 

Good night, Sleep tight and Have a fun Sunday .


8 thoughts on “So it’s been really this long..

  1. I missed you! Welcome back! 😀
    Such beautiful photos … you can almost feel the heat and humidity coming off them!
    Congratulations on your new job! All the best, Hira! 😀


    1. Haha..Yes I am☺ . I was there after Puja during Diwali week. Did you have fun? Whoa..Puja after 35 years meant it must be all changed☺ Did you go pandal hopping ? Did you or rather your wife/daughter changed 3 dresses on a single day for Puja😎 and Did you see the rush in fancy bazaar due to Puja? Did you buy nick-nack and the sugar-coated pure evil sweet😂 from the shopsoutside the Pandal? Was it chill? Did you see the visarjan? Did you see theamazing work of artisan in creating Durga Maa flanked by her side kicks ☺? Did you attend the Arti time…when there is dhuna and it’s fragrance in the air? Did you sit for Bhog😁 and asked for second third helping of tomator tak? ☺ I miss all of this and more!


      1. Did many of those except pandal hopping. It was too crowded to move around. Also the pratima for our local community puja was donated by our family (this was the third time), so spent most of my time there.

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