Tso Moriri – Feast your eyes!

My better half did it again. One trip to Leh in a lifetime isn’t enough. He has to go again. and again.

Me: But why Leh again? This will be your third… you were there less than a year ago.

Him: Yeah but it wasn’t raining then? I want to see rain. 

But, When a man got to go, he got to go. So, up he goes..to Leh, on this Royal Enfield.

The Only change next time be-  #solobikeride will be #nosolobikeride

These pictures are from Tso Moriri. This is a mountain lake.  The lake and surrounding area are protected as the Tso Moriri Wetland Conservation Reserve. This was his de-tour, and he was out of mobile reach for two whole days.

I don’t blame him to go incommunicado … This is so bloody gorgeous!  Feast your eyes ❤

Me: let’s pack our bag and move here. People actually live here! 


Puff! Just LOOK at that! 
Blue sky and blue water.
The nearest village.


His home stay 🙂
The nearest Karzok Village



The man himself!


These were his local guides 🙂 The girls accompanied him to lake Arent they cute?

19 thoughts on “Tso Moriri – Feast your eyes!

  1. Leh is beautiful place. I hope I can visit before it is ruined by onrush of tourist (it will inevitably happen, it’s the price of progress we pay).
    You are cruel to deprive your betterhalf the pleasure of his solo ride. That’s the only time he has to stay from you😂


    1. Thats sadly gonna happen. It has already changed a lot since we visited 10 years ago. Home stay has popped up. I dont mind him going but really don’t want solo. That part is still sparsely populated and with bad road and deep valley, one does need someone to watch over all time.☺ He gets to stay away and I get my sleep ☺😂

      Liked by 1 person

            1. You stay away from my husband 😀 , Actually , he has gone solo most of the times and he likes that. I don’t mind it either BUT his choice of place is always some remote corner. Where he will be out of network. WHY! Just drive solo on Mumbai-Pune highway 😀 and let me sleep in peace. Jokes aside, he will love the drive like that. And I know I will let him go to any of remotest corner. You should post some pics from the trip. How long were you away?


              1. I don’t even know your husband😭.
                Trip was about 10 days. Except one night, all driving was done during the day with night stays in hotels. No trip alone to exotic places like your husband.
                By the way, I posted today translation of a Hindi poem I wrote a couple of days back. Posted the Hindi poem also.

                Liked by 1 person

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