Diet for weight loss.

Girls at my office eat only salad for lunch.

Girls. If I call them ladies, they might be offended 😉

Salad, only vegetarian like beet, cucumber, sprouts, broccoli .. blah blah. Most of them are vegetarian.I can hardly look at it.

At this point, I imagine many of my readers are offended – Hira, Veg-Salad is also as good as meat. 

That’s a lie. And that’s a fact.

PS: I have a confession. I cannot leave any chance to take a dig at my vegetarian friends – on their face, on my blog, in my head (look at them being so excited about rajma-chawla. crazy!). I know I need to see a therapist, a vegetarian one. With a meat eating therapist, we might make more jokes….


“And then he ordered vegetarian biryani, ha ha ha”  Pic source- Pixabay. 

Come to think of it – I eat chicken, but they, the vegetarians eat the food that was meant for the hen and its family. Food that was to nourish other grass-eating animals. Where is the humanity when you snatch that food out of their plate into yours?

At least, am eating my food. Not others.

Now the counter argument could be how could I be better when I EAT chicken. That sounds even gross than eating the food they eat.

Let’s hear another fact. I eat chicken and fish. So I can only state about chicken and fish. And, I do not consider egg and milk as non-veg, just like many of my vegetarian friends.

“All chicken, all of them are born to be chicken curry or chicken fry or chicken roast blah blah. Chicken is not born to live the life to fullest.They serve a purpose, fulfill their destiny, now it’s time to be fried! By eating chicken, am just playing my part in the larger play of life.Chicken’s life.”

“As for fish, once they are out of the water, certainly cannot survive. I might as well eat to recycle the protein content. I mean, I cannot see food waste.”

Back to original conversation starter-

Girls at my office eat only salad for lunch.

If weight loss is in agenda, I wonder if they have noticed how Cows, Buffalo, Elephants are as compared to meat eating- Cheetah, Panther, Leopard? Hint: size. Pic source- Pixabay. 

This eats only grass, just like you.


This eats meat and just look at that perfect figure, slender waist, lean legs and don’t get me started on stamina!

Moral of the post.

Follow cheetah’s diet if you wanna lose weight. Not elephant’s.

14 thoughts on “Diet for weight loss.

  1. Very funny, Hira. I was never a vegetarian per se but I do eat fish and chicken. I do on occasion have a little red meat. I don’t mind how people eat but what I do mind is if they shove their food choices down your throat like some vegans. Either way, I will do my own thing.

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  2. Haha, thanks for a good laugh :’) I think people should eat what they want to eat, provided they don’t eat each other. My sisters are vegetarians, but their spouses are not. None of them mind, neither do we.

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    1. I do mind vegetarians, for their own good. Seriously, am so good 😉 I wonder if they know what they are missing in life by not having fish fry or chicken roast. I feel pity for them. and I seriously need counselling to stop taking dig at them.
      Thank you for reading 🙂

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      1. If it’s possible to change the species that I am, I would prefer to be bear 😉 Eats fish, sleeps all winter, huge -doesn’t care about weight loss 😀
        Non-vegetarian and still a size of buffalo … calm down, we no-vegies don’t believe in weight loss by dieting, given the variety of food around ..who could resist a fish fry;)
        PS: I looked at your pic and you do not look buffalo, more like Cheetah..!

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        1. Haha…. Haven’t you heard, looks can be deceptive. Im a veritable water Buffalo because my scales tell me I’m overweight no matter how many exercises I do and starve myself… A bear is a good choice. 😊 😊 😊

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