A compliment is a compliment

..no matter who, how, when and what the exact words are…

Son never ever wants his father to wash his bum after potty. Yes, wash bum, we Indians, I have to say proudly, wash our bum with water after the poo. Wiping is not our way. A wipe will never do for us. Nope sir, no, nahi, Wipe? I mean, I cannot fathom how does that is called a clean bum.

Nevermind, don’t tell me.

How is all this related to a compliment?

Patience is a virtue and am getting there. Read on. I have a feeble mind, get’s high with just any good words coming my way.

Son always wants me during his potty time. It’s a sort of compliment for a mother but not for this post.

Yesterday, as usual, he was busy prattling when sitting on the commode, I asked why he won’t let his papa wash his bum, why only me?

Because, mummy, you are thin and slim like my POTTY. 

And, here comes the blush!

Wait, he compared me to potty? Ewwwww! Yuk!

Hey, wait, he said – thin and slim. Lemme highlight that – thin and slim.

That’s my boy! I can wash his bum forever, and ever, and ever.


10 thoughts on “A compliment is a compliment

  1. Haha! Loved this, very funny! Washing your butt after every poop, I never knew! Everyday’s a school day, but what about in public? I’m intrigued – not in a creeping way if that’s possible 😀


    1. All public /private toilet have water/hand spray. .. So you can imagine plight of us visiting toilet in countries that have toilet paper .. ! I constantly pushed the conversation away – “Bum isn’t dirty, I just wiped it :~ ” .. ..”But you didn’t clean with water”… 😦
      Do it one day 😀
      And thanks so much for reading and follow. Love you already ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha, now that’s what I call a compliment! I love how you just pick the positive from it and separate it from the poo-part (which is the only way to go)!


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