On the days when you don’t feel like cooking…

… you have permission to use my recipe, am gonna share with you.And thank me (profusely) later , which am sure you would (profusely).

Because not only am sharing a quick easy peasy recipe , am giving wings to ideas , one where you will find yourself spending less time in the kitchen and more time doing whatever shit you wanna do outside kitchen,without compromising on taste. Yes. This recipe is awesome!

Now , continue , without any more delays , Here it is

Drum rolls !

Cooking time , 20 minutes.

Actual cooking time , in the kitchen – 5 minutes.

  1. Get a packet of noodles and a packet of soup. Any soup , any noodle. I have these two in my storage. Veg Hakka Noodles and Chicken Delite Knorr Soup. 20160821_194834


  1. Find a deep pot , Boil water as per instructions on noodle packet. I didn’t wait long enough and added tomato , pea and then white sesame seeds for its looks! Handsome colors ha ?

Once the water starts boiling , add soup , stir it once.Avoid any lumps.


  1. Once the soup powder is completely dissolved , add noodles. Add whatever veggie /chicken /meat residing in your  fridge. I added tomato , peas, paneer, green chilli , cauliflower blah blah blah. At this time , I missed boneless chicken a lot 😦 ,but what the hell , continue.



  1. I peeked again into a fridge and found this leftover chickpea curry and awesome mint chutney. Moto is to add  whatever is left in your fridge. Get rid of that sauce lying there for a week , or the curry you no more like to have as is , blah blah !



Now , your 5 minutes into the kitchen is over. Go out of this fire and water chamber , find something else to do , like reading this post , clicking on like and follow!

Check on the soupy noodle after some time and see if the consistency appeals you. Mine was appealing and this is how it look in the end.


This was a few weeks ago , and I have already tried this twice , days when my cook ditched me and I was in no mood to cook which seems perpetual these days.

Go one , try it.

And , If by some bad karma , or past life sins , or sins of your forefathers , or sins of your neighbour ,   or sins of your friends , highly incapable and unqualified taste buds,  you didn’t like what you cooked by following my recipe, You are permitted to cuss me, call me names , but remember “Who made the dish? YOU! HIGH TIME , Take responsibility for your action !” <End of barking>

Happy eating!


31 thoughts on “On the days when you don’t feel like cooking…

  1. Never thought of adding soup powder to the noodles. I generally make the real thing and then add it to the noodles like soba or miso soup. But this cuts back soooooo much on the cooking time! Good idea! I generally cook my indo-chinese style noodles in a bit of chicken broth/vegetable broth….Takes it to another level. Oh, and try some fish sauce for such quick, throw-in-one-pot recipes. It adds a whole new flavour to the Indian-style noodles we like in the subcontinent 😉

    Gonna try your recipe tonight 😀


  2. The concept of this dish sounds very good … I do something similar … but it’s not the recipe that captured my attention, but your wonder sense of humour. I can’t say I’ve ever read a recipe before and laughed out loud more than once 😀

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  3. Nice recipe.Really liked it!😊😊

    I have another quick recipe:

    🚩2pounds mixed berries (such as blackberries and raspberries)

    🚩2tablespoons granulated sugar

    🚩2tablespoons fresh lime juice

    🚩1cup heavy cream

    🚩1/2cup cream of coconut (such as Coco Lopez)

    In a large bowl, gently toss the berries, sugar, and lime juice.With an electric mixer, beat the heavy cream and cream of coconut until soft peaks form. Serve with the berries.

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    1. hmm, Now that am trying to recollect , Did I add salt ? I guess not. The salt in soup was enough. But , beside salt , there is no restriction in my cooking. You can add whatever spice you like. If you are one favoring bland food , no spice. If you like a bit of tanginess , add sour cream , tamarind paste , a dash of lemon:) I like green chilly , so that is must for me.

      By the way, I will mark this as best question 🙂 Made me really think , what did I do that night in the kitchen !

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      1. he he 😀 It feels good that I asked a valid question 🙂 being an amateur in cooking I always look for easy and quick dishes 🙂 and thnx for the suggestion 🙂 I am not a great lover of chilies so that wont be needed … lemon sounds good for tangy taste 🙂

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  4. My mother bought a box of 6 noodles packs this Sunday. Time is here is for Uzair to taste the noodles.
    And I will definitely not hunt you down if he doesn’t like it. I will finish up his plate or bowl, along with mine 😀

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