Husband , at it again!

I think he is crazy. Spending hours with his microlens trying to capture the tiny winy flower/insect/bug. Sometimes other stuff, larger than 10mm might catch his fancy..and be lucky to be immortalised in the digital world.

My husband. Love of my life, with the love of his life – Camera , Bike Ride to Madhe Ghat. I wonder when did I slip from number 1 position .

Isn’t this beautiful?











34 thoughts on “Husband , at it again!

    1. Well , He has been asking to buy an SLR , It is really up to him to upgrade his camera 😉 Meanwhile , these photos are with his old camera – Canon S5IS with macro lens from raynox 250 ..something 🙂
      Thank you for commenting. He is very pleased to see this.


  1. WOW! Those are really amazing! I’ve tried my hand at macro so I know how tough it can be. But these are really beautiful! And my favourite is the pic of the road . Have lived in Ooty, Been to Sikkim recently. Aaah, you know my love for hills already.

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    1. Thank you! Yes , Macro is tough and boring to watch ! Some days , He asks me to hold the light source and I get restless “Ho gaya kya” ,”Khadi reh waha par , hilna nahi , haath nahi neache “!


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