I want twins …..sure?


We want twins . We always wanted twins. I have to do something may be eat 2 banana, eat 2 chapati .. everything in multiplication of 2.

Shall we ask doctor if it’s possible somehow ?

I read somewhere women who conceive after certain age are most likely to have twins. Shall we postpone ?

Oh , How I wish I have twins! Let’s check out cloning?

Me : Why can’t you teach your swimmers to join hands and end up in a draw ! .. I  really really wanna have twins..



But Alas , Life is not a freaking wish granting factory!

Doc , Are you sure .. look closely ..their might be another egg and sperm trying out ?

My sister has twins

Am so happy , at least someone has twins…she is so lucky!


My sister comes home with her year old twins named L and K

L sleeps at 2000 , K at 2300. L wakes up at 600  and K at 1000. Each child takes turn to wake up every 2 hours.

L likes cerelac for breakfast , K likes his meal less mushy. Two breakfasts.

L is playing with red car. K wants the very same red car at the very same moment. One screams , other is crazily happy seeing bro scream!

L pees , then K pees and then L poos and then K poos. And then L needs to pee again. And then it is bath time , one after another.

K is playing with his favorite toy when L wants mommy. Then contagiously K also wants mommy. Mommy wants to pee but who cares!

After  2 days , sister goes back with her twins.

Me , husband finally : Yay ! We do not have twins! 


“Bach gaye”!



14 thoughts on “I want twins …..sure?

  1. I am also obsessed about twins! I want twins! (later that is 😛 )
    Your post made me laugh out and the next thing I did was share it with friends. :D:D


  2. Bachat ho gae 😀
    I have 4 kids in my home. My one son and 3 kids of my brother. What you have described above is the daily routine in my home, except for some points. But majority is same like everyone wants to ride the same bicycle (we have 2 currently though), playing with same toy (everyone has it very own set of toys, but that is of no importance when other one is holding a totally different toy), feeling thirsty at the same time (doesn’t apply to peeing and pooping, which is very good), eating exactly the same breakfast and everyone wants to sit right next to me, during the weekends, and so much more.
    Despite all of this, their presence in my home fill up our lives with so much joy and happiness. And this is what matters the most I say.


    1. Sit right next to you .. you must be very popular uncle 🙂 and yes even though this post is a very very true , exactly how we(husband and I ) feel every time I see sister, I love when we are all together with all kids. .. its so fulfilling! You are lucky!

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