How we pack .

 How I pack my bag.  

  1. hmm , am going for 15 days , means at-the-least 10-12 dresses.
  2. Then a sari .. what if I have to attend a wedding or family function… (PS : My Ma has truck load of Sari and all I need to do is carry a nice fitting blouse)   But , I have to carry one of my own. (PS : each sari easily qualifies for more than 500 gms and a kilo with accessories and side dress..and my Ma has better collection than me. )  But I look good in this  red one of mine (PS: trust me when I say , each and every girl on this planet earth will look good in sari , in any sari ,no matter what is the figure which means I should look good in any of her sari and skip 500 gm  )
  3. Then it sure gonna be hot during march , so I should pack some light cotton dress for hot nights.
  4. Or who knows , it might still be cold during nights. So pair of good woolen socks.
  5. hmm , will it be cold during evening definitely.. Should take a shawl.  (PS : believe me when I say my mother also has truckload of shawl AND socks at home at my disposal)
  6. Perhaps a jacket .. for rides on bike 🙂
  7.  I should get few dresses… to visit my immediate neighbors. Should not be very fancy ,  casual…like I just walked out of my home and visited them. “Oh , this dress , I just ….sorry I forgot to change .. very old
  8. Dress to visit my family relatives who live in the town.
  9. Dress to visit my family relatives who do not live in the town. Well , one doesn’t visit them often , so when one does should try to leave good impression with one’s  new good dress. (PS : The “one” is me needing a new good dress , as if I-meet-them-once-a-decade relatives have seen all my old dresses!)
  10. I have to carry my denim for all comforts of denim pants.. so , hmm 4-5 tops with it.
  11. What if we decide to visit a fine dine.. hmm. none of these qualify.. I should pick a dress…
  12. Well, we sure are planning to go picnic . A picnic dress.
  13. ..

PS: I bet most of you just skimmed through my list. Didn’t read it fully. Do not be asshole .. read it.

And then comes the shoes , sandal , heels , and accessories , gold jewelry , BAGS! and how can I forget my lotions , creams … perfumes..ear-rings !

And then gifts – for all , of all kinds.

And then comes stationary – My diary , a pen ..what if I need to write something , my mother’s house surely may not have a pen and paper. Duh!

Total weight = 14.9Kg . Oh my , just what my airline will allow.

Oh wait , 7 kg allowed as cabin baggage. Hurrah..!

Let me pack my loafers comfy. And an extra pair of pajama. And some nuts for journey.. and this small purse for small occasions..

Time taken : Months of analysis , weeks of shopping , hours of packing , re-packing. And then I might as well miss  my eye-wear!

How my husband packs his bag.

Open up wardrobe. Picks up 5 T-Shirt randomly and 2 pants.


I insist on carrying a shirt for formal occasion. Open up wardrobe again  , Picks up a shirt.


I insist on buying new T-Shirt .

Says his 2 year old tees are just as fine as new.


I insist on carrying something light woolen for nights.

Says he is … done. Done.

Total weight: 5 kg or less?

Time taken : 10 minutes.

How my 3.6 year old car-crazy son  packs his bag.

  1. Red hot-wheel car.
  2. Blue hot-wheel car.
  3. Yellow car.
  4. Mc Queen car.
  5. Blue Jeep
  6. Black truck.
  7. Green car .Mummy , cannot leave it ..Sad ho jayega na (will be sad)


He thinks this is all he needs for his trip to Nanu ke ghar. Cute , Isnt he ?

23 thoughts on “How we pack .

  1. Now that’s always happening …
    Sometimes I carry extra accessories and dresses….thinking of my cousins 😐😐 What if they wear the same color😕😕 What if they take my bracelet😑😑 Plus a cross check on how many of “Relatives have already seen me in that dress”….😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh…all that packing and unpacking and repacking…oh, well, that would all come later. Your list has tired me out already. Honestly, it’s time now for an invention that will make a woman dress the way she wants in a hologram and then there will not be any need to pack, unpack, and repack.


  3. I always wait until the last minute to pack, especially when its a big trip like when I just moved. Do laundry the day before so I will have as many clean clothes as possible. Then the day of packing arrives and I curse myself all day while trying to cram as much stuff into my suitcases, repacking, re-weighing, trying to get it right. Happens every single time, but I never learn haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes , happens every single time , but never learn 🙂 I actually just start putting all my stuffs into bag a week before my journey and then the day finally arrives when I empty the bag and put everything back neatly .. re-weigh , repack ..:) Am still at stuffing stage for this trip.

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  4. Hahaha! This is one hilarious event! But I differ that it goes a little different with me. I’d start with packing more of mine,then as I keep packing for others, my things come out and theirs keep going in! End result, I am carrying half of what I had actually planned! 😦

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha! That’s a nice way to reason out. I usually end up asking for some place for a book or two, so there go my other things out! 😋 Most of our packed things are of kids, you know how much girls need to carry if they are traveling! 😂😂

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  5. Ha! This is very similar to my wife and I packing. I’m done in five minutes – t-shirts, jeans, underwear, socks. The rest of my suitcase is typically packed with whatever she couldn’t fit in her bag.

    To give her credit, without fail, I end up wishing I brought more!


  6. Haha, I feel ya. Going away for the weekend (so, two days? Three, if we count driving down on Friday)? Best bring five oufits. What if I want or need to change suddenly, twice a day? There’s no such thing as being overprepared. 😛

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