Hello , hello ..

Head : Am thinking of doing this prompt ..

Your blog is about to be recorded into an audio book. If you could choose anyone — from your grandma to Samuel L. Jackson — to narrate your posts, who would it be?

Head: Hmm, who would be the best person to record my posts … and then make me sound like the most mature , intelligent brainy person ever walking on earth.

(Yawning ) Now you sound bore, utter BOORE. Find a person who will sound you like sexiest woman alive… Boy , you will be popular with hundreds in tow.

Head: Hundreds of toddlers in tow? Lady .. you are not 17 anymore And this is not about you , but your posts!

Oh hell ! You are still so bore …

Head:So lets see , someone who is epitome of great voice , obviously Amitabh Bachchan.

Head-o-wise-man , He is a dude . At least choose a female voice.

Head: Well , that is not in the rule and his voice is so sexy even when he is speaking in she! Kabhi Kabhi mere dil .. 

Okay -So imagine Amitabh , A boy , a gentleman saying out loud “ And then I became a mother ..” or “Being in red skirt , orange blouse for award ceremony” or
or a person of such respect talking about nothing other than fart !

Rolling on the floor laughing aka ROFL !

Oh boy .. I wanna hear Amitabh advocating for fart and pee and yawning wearing a red skirt..talking about being a mother..
Head: okay , okay , Stop I get it. No Mr Bachchan , then Who ?

Hmm , Priyanka Chopra , That girl from Quantico. Heard she is gonna be Oscar Presenter this year..So why not first audio record my posts , blab in red skirt and orange blouse , tell about to be a mother. What say ?

Head :Well , She can , but she has found her foothold and is not gonna spoil it reciting your posts , I mean look at what you write ! how you just like to nap at the first chance on European shores in full view of public like it is your backyard , or how you aren’t sure of your height – tall or short or , wanna get drunk 

Holy lord ! my own head makes me sound like one low esteem , lazy , drunk , homeless fellow!

Head : You asked for it lady !

Moral of the story

And thus the voices stopped. Head and heart could not together find one name to read my posts… Sorry Daily Post ,  sorry wordpress , good prompt but no name.


PS:  I asked my husband ;

Husband: Think of how much money Amitabh will demand ..he is a superstar!

Me: (rolling eyes , yawning after a fart and a good burp ) : Don’t get carried away sweetie, it is just a prompt..no one is actually recording!



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