One word inspiration ,Never do it empty stomach.

(Feeling inspired , thinking head and  jumping heart )

That was awesome .. ? I think it is a wonderful idea..

Yeah , Yes.. We should totally do it.

Define a word that would be my North Star  for 2016. Am thinking…………


Head : What ? How could you come up with that word. one word , just (louder) ONE word  , you lazy lazy bum …ONE word to be your torch for 2016 , that you would embrace completely , love deeply , stick by it  and the first word you choose is ( insulting pause ) S-L-E-E-P .  

You are not my heart anymore!

Like it or not , am sticking around.  Can’t you see? We both looooove sleeping . Why not make it  official!

Any trouble in life , just sleep it off. This too shall pass while you dream on your cozy bed , with you, my dear head resting on pillow.

Head: Thinking is my job , stupid heart.  Lemme do it. Quietly.

Hmm , Okay.

After a minute .

Here is another one. Chicken.


Head: (fumes coming out of one ear ) Aha, Chicken , hmm? Exactly ,How does that inspire you ? When do you ever hear anyone say let’s do it like chicken … Let’s be like chicken ? Chicken is born to die .. remember , it’s bred only for recipe .

C’on .Chicken is inspiration .We go extra miles for that one joint in other part of city famous for chicken biryani! How can you forget Afgani chicken kebabs..

Head : (fumes coming out of both the ears and a bit of nose )Did you even get what the post means? What it means to have a word as torch for 2016.

(murmuring) Well .. chicken fits. Its a light .. a  guiding torch , guiding us to that biryani wala .

Head: (fuming) We need a word which is like #growing 

After a minute .

Oh wait. Here is another one..

Head (interrupting  harshly) : Not FISH!  That doesn’t qualify either. What is wrong with you .. Food is your inspiration ? Think Verb .. think action.

(murmuring) Sleeping qualifies as verb , and you are thinking now at dinner time rather than eating ….food. I can only see chicken and fish floating around me now .

Head is in complete state of meditation , thinking , occasionally a sound , a murmur  , sometimes yapping  : A word for me ….. to help me  …inspiration….

After dinner.

I could see chicken and fish cannot be inspiration for 2016! That was my empty stomach talking before dinner. Now stomach is sleeping , head is still searching for word… yapping…

My 3 year old boy walks in, comes straight to my lap , face towards me … his little arms wrapped around my neck.. 

Adi : Mummy , let’s play the game happy face , angry face.

(Presses my right cheek) c’on , show me happy face, (presses again) abhi gussa(= now angry face). Wiggles his nose to get his angry look , giggles with laughter for happy face.

Head and Heart , both measuring his immeasurable cuteness..

One word.  Son.

Will get me through , any or everything .. when he has his arms around my neck .

PS :  This post is Blogging 101 assignment , to write a post inspired by other post.

In reality , though I agree with Safari Girl, I could not think of anything more inspiring for me than my own family and especially my son. A bit bore ending , humorless than originally intended. Nevertheless ..  am still measuring his cuteness..



18 thoughts on “One word inspiration ,Never do it empty stomach.

    1. Oh I would not want to mess with head of yours , especially with your new Alien friend around 😉 .. Who know what is he capable to do .. turn me into a scissor hands!


      1. LOL.. Jadoo is a sweetheart! He couldn’t possibly hurt a fly. Can’t say the same about that other Tropiljaa fellow who is after my hand in marriage. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Food. Sleep. Two things I live for. Ok, books, too. yeah .. yeah, add Writing to that list too. What, I can’t have four things? Stupid head, just go away! No, Wait! What will I do without a head. (I’ll be like a headless chicken.) Ok.. Ok.. I publicly admit it. I can’t live without my head. Happy?


  2. Love the way you write 🙂 Amusing!

    What’s wrong with sleep as the word? I’m all for it 😀

    “You are not my heart anymore!” HAHA!!

    I’m a vegetarian so I absolutely did not see your fascination for chicken and fish (and I won’t get into how cute they are when alive).

    Great post! 🙂 Learnt the hard way not to go shopping empty stomach or when hungry – hand picks up all the junk food! :’)


    1. Thank you timeless…. aaah! So many in favour of Sleep. Now my heart is at war with head again .. 🙂 and I always do this mistake , haven’t learned yet.. Never try anything empty stomach.
      I was searching for words all evening after reading post , but all I could think of is FOOD 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You can call me “D”. This is one funny thing about writing anonymously. Being called timeless is flattering though 😀 Sleep is awesome! 🙂 😛


    1. Oh it is .. Isn’t it. When I make bed in the morning , all I want to do is jump right into it again .. If only we could hibernate like bear . Sleep and no worry of work for the whole winters .. Thanks for visiting 🙂


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