“In vino veritas”

I cannot drink alcohol. I have tried genuinely to drink couple of times , just a glass of wine , sometimes a sip or  a lick but my stupid pa latte thinks its from gutter and refuses to drink more. If only one could control senses ,  “drink this !

Did I say gutter , really ?

Yes . Its grape juice ,Isn’t it ? bitter , rotten , decade old grape juice , or whatever fruit juice. In the end , it’s bitter . From what little I managed to taste , it’s not bitter , it’s very very bitter . And so , the mystery , how the hell anyone likes it ?

I mean , sweet and salty I understand but drinking bitter liquid like water ? It’s bitter ! Who the hell came up with this idea?  That is something I will never know in this lifetime.

Last time I tried red wine , which was from India’s finest wine refinery , I tried hard to like it. Even bit a  cake in between sips to misguide my pa latte. Didnt work 😦  My tongue knew it is that gutter substance and I watched at the glass helplessly.

That is when I realized that there is one state of mind , which I can never , ever experience in life.

I can never be drunk!

I will never know how does it feels to be drunk , how free , exhilarating that might be. Is it as fun as they show in movies ? What’s a hangover anyways ? I will never feel light , tipsy or an alien out of this world. Will never talk or dance like no one is watching , will never be able to cry or laugh our loud like I have never laughed.

All this and more , is what I have assumed I will do if am drunk. I could only assume , unless I surgically remove my tongue or add taste buds from french where perhaps wine flows like water.

This may not be as bad as it sounds until I associated getting drunk to being honest. To know one true self , one must get drunk , peel out everything and just start talking and then whatever comes out in those moments will be the one that is actually true , there will be interesting stories ,embarassing moments  . . That will be nice , isnt it ? So it’s all that I assume. Wonder what I would be like…

I should sing and dance and talk !

Who knows my true self could be one hell of a rock singer or a whiny mother!

Never say never.  Am not gonna give up .

In vino veritas”

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