Am being followed by ghost of playlist !

I love listening to music other happy , joyful and fun living beings on earth. Music grows on you and yes it can change anyone , into a person with all those adjectives  🙂

I listen to it while at work .Sometimes I hum and people from across the floor pings me to adjust the volume 🙂 Loud haa .. Indians are loud 😉

Well on the good side , it helps me focus on work , and keep the un necessary noise and people away.

At home I have my son to keep me busy. and though my husband likes to listen , he wont fall exactly into music buff. BUT Yay!, I have managed to get my son hooked to my playlist , So like in true democracy , majority wins and we play along my playlist at home.

Now I have this peculiar habit that If I like a song , I could listen to it back to back for a whole day ,weeks , months.. or as my colleague recently brought to my attention..11 months 🙂 . The story goes like this – When  she joined my our team , I had this song in my playlist, would hum it sometimes and she knows I like it and 11 months later am still listening/humming  same song! People around me at work has been lately begging me to change my playlist. One even sent me Mirchi Top 20 songs link 🙂

So , I decided , its enough I have to change my playlist now. Listen to new songs and explore more , will never go back to this list again ever!..I logged into .

And I hit the first song , one from recent movie – slow soft song , just as I like it !  It is beautiful day and the song is good ! Finally am ready to explore..

Saavn based on what you are listening now , will suggest a playlist for you . So next I check out recommendations for me  ” You may also like it” and what do I see !

7 out of 10 songs in the list are from my 11-months-old , need-to-get-rid playlist ! OMG! That playlist is a ghost now . wont leave me alone ..has followed me to internet ! I can not believe its  this-is-from-my-playlist song. I have to rename it to GHOST-PLAYLIST 🙂

Now if I were a believer, now would be  the time to say I received a divine message …Son or rather daughter. need to that playlist..

Never mind my adventure to find a new playlist : Happy singing listening, “don’t care who is listening”  or “i can’t sing ” .. just sing along 🙂

PS : Either its definite  ghost or saavn has really build a good intelligent system there 🙂 meanwhile am back to my same songs , only listening them online , hoping the next one would  be a discovery and will make it to my next-11-months-playlist 🙂

PPS : Meanwhile , me and son against all my husband wishes have started singing song loudly at home !

Me : “Shakalaka baby!”

Son ( In his cute sweetest voice): “Shaka baby” ( He is yet to twist his tongue to say Shakalaka)


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