That unforgettable trip!

Well , I have written 3 masterpiece in my life – first one is lost 😦 2nd one is this and the last one is with a dear friend! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I do .. even after 10 years !

Three cheers to Srikanth .. Hip Hip Hurray ! Hip Hip Hurray ! Hip Hip Hurray !

As expected , we had loads of fun , masti and FOOD ( FOOD ? YES.. 98% of the amount was spent for stomach ) . We were 18 in all. 4 couples : Lax & Navya/Bandi & Swapna/Vidya & Mrs Vidya / Pawan and Swapna, 4 beautiful ladies : me , my roomie Rakhee , Praveena and Vijaya , 2 not so handsome guys: Srikanth/Hegde , 1 half couple (Raju Garu) , 1 brother (Ravi bro -Madhu ) and 2 evergreen Uncle Bachelor “Balla and Ravi”.

The entire trip was arranged by Srikanth and everything was perfect right from station excluding his locks!

Day 1: Friday: 22nd Dec 2006

We started on Friday evening by Vishakha Express at around 5:00 PM from Secunderabad. Raju Garu/Praveena/Vijaya were the first one to reach station at 4:00 PM and they played a really good prank by calling everyone at 4:00PM and informing them that we were misinformed about train and it’s at 4:30 instead of 5:00 PM!! ( Imagine this, your train leaves in 15 minutes and you are struck in Ameerpet junction .. I literally screamed at my auto driver to rush and our Lazy bone Pawan hadn’t even started by then!!)

Finally all were at station ON TIME and our Vishakha Express left ON TIME at 5:00 PM. All of us gathered in one single cabin (16 on 8 seats)

Pawan got lots of snacks and Srikanth/Hegde got Biryani for dinner.As we would read later, FOOD was major agenda of our trip. In Bandi’s word, “we can’t have fun with empty stomach!”

Ravi came along with his huge beard trimmed and a cap to hide his flowing hairs and he earned the name “HIMESH RESHMIYA”. Srikanth came with no change in his umbrella ( FYI : We named him umbrella for his locks.)

The train left Secunderbad station and our boys jumped to open snacks packet..lots of sweet and namkin, but looks like pista packet was over in first round itself. I didn’t get a second helping on that. Once we satisfied our stomach , we concentrated on other items. Srikanth started with Housie. Some people including me know this game as Tam bola.

Harsha lady luck smiled on him and he got most of line, jaldi 5 and full house. But his lady had a condition, Only when he was playing sitting on upper berth , would he win , else.. Balla tried his lady also by exchanging seat with Harsha..Alas! Both of them lost and they were back to their original seat. Harsha on his winning spree again.

There was lots of shout/scream for one’s favorable number. Poor Praveena lost most. (Others too , but it was most apparent on her face !) and Ravi/Lax treated us with samosa with first tambola win.  I and Rakhee won two housie, one jaldi five and made a profit of around Rs 45 !

Then we had game only for couple. Let’s see how much they know each other!! Bandi and Swapna got most of answers correct.

Long story short, we divided ourselves for Monnie and No monnie rummy. Srikanth won 700 INR (COOL !!) and Balla taught us to play BLUFF . Poor Lady Viji, she can neither bluff in her life nor in any card game, did try once in game but was immediately caught by Balla. After that she was busy arranging cards!

Balla too tried bluffing and Rakhee caught him immediately and finally he lost against us (Chela , guru se age nikal gaya). Time to sleep!


Day 2:Saturday : 23rd Dec 2006

We reached Vizag !!! and it wasn’t cold there! Our Mahalakshmi ( BUS) was waiting and we headed for SATYA GUEST HOUSE. Vizag with its mountains remind me of Assam (Ravi asked me a total 3 times in Araku, if Assam is more beautiful then this ..ofcourse YES!!)

Satya is located near beach and has a good view of Kailash Giri Rooms were very good and Raju Garu got the best room (We tried taking it but he didn’t budge !).

Place was serene and quite. Raju Garu said he is gonna build a guest house after 6 years. So now I know where I will get free stay after 6 years in Vizag!

And there I found my porter for entire trip , Harsha !!

He claimed that he helped us (the 4 beautiful ladies) carry luggage, but all he did was to pick the lightest one reachable!

Then all of us got ready and out in an hour. Headed straight for breakfast at Sai Ram Parlor. Ravi announced: no lunch , so all of us had breakfast as though last we had food was in 1947! ( Ask Balla : Kya Nahi Khaya. Missed Upma as it was over). Divided into two tables ,Balla’s table won the Food Game with bill of 367.Our table could only score 297 😦

Our first destination in Vizag was Yarrada Beach. Its around 1.5 hr from city. We got to go up the hill, come tumbling down and then go to the beach called Yarrada. Bus journey was full of curves and here we started our YoYo Dance. The dancing stars were Harsha ,Pawan and Srikanth. Ravi showed he could do things other than iQ also ! Laxman showed his dancing bone. Easiest‘ to follow was bulb dance: Fix a bulb , close a water tap and crush a cigratte butt all at the same time and Voila ! Balla was busy with his traffic dance to shoo people away. He danced like a traffic cop on a busy junction!

All this while camera was rolling and our Cam Gal, Swapna Jaggarappau was filming down all moments! To escape dancing, she was always with her camera or video. ( Pawan : You already got ur camera woman) . Srikanth showed us to sing like Himesh Reshmiya..(Ask him details ).

The hilltop flats were good and Ravi, myself and Rakhee decided to get a flat each there.

Yarrada was really good with only few people, a beach, few swings, a merry go round and a dirty toilet ! Viji and I made our sweet home with sand and guys had a running race, our Sports man Harsha won it!

Next was DOG and the BONE ( what is it ? try on Google !!! ). My team won most, because of my skills (NO I am not lying!!!). Harsha cheated and Navya was very generous ( She didnt even try for bone and gave it to other dog ! ). Best moment was when Laxman was the umpire calling out numbers and on Navya’s turn (Number 7 ) ,he himself took the bone and gave it away to NAVYA and then showed his 32 wala face to Pawan ! What a team work!

We spent quite a lot time on beach, then swings. After Yarrada, our next destination was   Rishikonda Beach. Journey was again with YoYo Dance. I need not mention, our snack party was going as a separated thread. Another thread processing was of praveena and her cell. Praveena lost her cell for about 2-3 times in the entire trip  and Srikanth stole her cell for around 2-3 times and all the times he swear he hasn’t flicked it.. Wondering where’s all gentleman gone?

Rishikonda had crowd and it wasn’t as private as Yarrada. What caught our attention was fisherman boat ride. Srikanth attention was on bhutta and Pawan’s on ice cream. (talk

Boat ride literally like RIDE! Swing with waves and go along with it!  Check out the snap of Srikanth, praveena and fisherman on the boat with mountain and sunset backdrop!

Rishikonda shows a good view of Dolphin Nose from Rishikonda. Dolphin nose was clearly outlined. It also looked to me as a giant crocodile having an afternoon nap.

Already dark, we left for Kailash Giri. Couldn’t go through rope way as the queue was really long. Went straight to top on bus and had a good view of entire Vizag from there. Poor Harsha lost his goggles (A birthday gift from his brother- Lets keep a 2 minute silence for his gog !)

A “fasttrack” gogs, it was really “fast “, Harsha could not keep up with the track!!

Now it was again snack time on RK Beach. Mirchi bajji. It took us max 7 minutes to clear one stall (nearly 150) of bajji’s.  The stall wala certainly was happy, I don’t want to imagine what he was thinking about our appetite.. 150 in 7 minutes! I am sure he would be narrating this evening to his grandson …long after we are gone… “One day , on RK beach a bunch of Uncle looking fellows with …“

Then of course evening coffea , tea , samosa and Pao Bhaji. Wrapped up the snacks time with bajji again.

Praveena left to her house with a list of item for breakfast from Pawan and we were back to room. Washed off the sand and dirt, had dinner and a walk. Pawan claimed end of the road has Samshan and we found a temple. I need not say anything, GOD will take care of Pawan.

Time to sleep, Viji, myself and Rakhee in 2nd best room. It satisfied all our criteria.. Big bathroom, hot water and washbasin!


Day 3: Sunday : 24 Dec 2006

Our room was the first one to be ready by 6:30. We were actually asked to be ready by 6:30-7:00.

But In the morning, Laxman was searching for a geyser at 7:00. Balla at 7:00-7:30, insisted on using his own bathroom. Vidya was some 10Km away from Vizag and I was wondering if we can reach Araku today!!!

Viji , me and rakhee went to temple and Ravi went to pray his GOD, pet pooja !

Anyways, Vidya reached Vizag at around 8:00.We all went for a breakfast. Again Ravi/Srikanth announced, no lunch and we filled ourselves. Somehow managed to get ready by 9:00. Bus journey was (need I say?) Yoyo ! Praveena joined us on the way minus her breakfast items plus a sweet ka dabba!

Bus journey was via Anantgiri and we were all busy feasting eyes with mountain, nature, beautiful surrounding, tribal women and bus ka door. Took turns to hang out of Mahalaskhmi door. Yoyo was not possible because of twist and turns, but guys managed few shakes. Praveena was without her Nipuna Service. Damn Airtel, no signal on the hills!

We reached our next spot, Borra Caves. Borra in Oriya means Hole (Yes, it’s near to Border, so found lots of orissites and bongs). There was a mad rush at ticket counter and sea of people around. Bengali parties were having fight for entry and we managed a shortcut at ticket counter, courtsey Pawan’s friend.

Borra caves is created by nature and discovered by British Geologist William King, Created by river flow over 30,000 years. Gothani river slowly eroded rocks to form huge (literally) holes in earth. Cave was around 200meters in length and illumination was wonderful. We hurried to cover it all, but missed the natural Shiv Linga.

And then came the Meal of the Year!! Outside Borra caves, we had our lunch ( Remember Ravi said no lunch ..!!) in a small jhopad like restaurant. Meal was served on leaves. (I tried talking laxman into eating leaves with pickle, but he is intelligent!!! )

Menu was simple, Aloo curry , Cauliflower curry , pappu , papad , pickle , sambhar , curd and garam garam rice. It was awesome. Aloo curry and pappu was directly from heaven. Ravi , ignoring his tummy , was asking for aloo curry and some more aloo curry. Praveena joined him too hoping to put on some weight ! pappu was everyone’s favorite and it was over by the time we were done. i got my green chilies too ! All this for 300 bucks! Isn’t it the Meal of the Year!

We started from Borra Caves, for agenda of the day..Araku. The view was awesome. Mountains and mountains all around. T and after the heavy lunch , everyone were sleeping. Srikanth and Bandi claims they didnt sleep after that heavy lunch !!.No one was awake to confirm it. It was almost 4:30 when we reached Araku! Went to a garden called Padmapuram. The garden was OK , I found a oriya lady and kids there. They were talking in oriya and I in assamesse. Tribal dressing was cool. Then , Food time again.Tea coffea and snacks!

We started for hotel at around 6:00 PM, Bus journey to hotel, was dance again on Remix beat. This time Harsha could not join as he (in his own words) was in critical condition after his heavy lunch. Looks like he was the one who finished all the pappu!!

About our SAI NATH INN, rooms were good , place was wonderful, But manager DADAji was bad. He was expecting college student and found half couples and half bachelor’s. Dadaji manager was insisted that four beautiful gals of the team can adjust on two beds !! Nevertheless it satisfied our criteria, so we agreed for one room with two beds , two pillows and two blankets. Hmmm see the shortage? Needed two more pillows and two more blanket. Dadaji said he would provide, but we thought of flicking it from other room.

There started our fight for pillow. Easy target was Harsha. We (The 4 beautiful ladies) attacked his room and managed two pillows and one blanket. But Damn Madhu came and stood on door blocking our way like Great Wall of China. Somehow crossed the wall and ran for our room and found Ravi posing like Himesh Reshmiya on our way. Of course nobody can imagine Viji cheating. Ravi excused her without hesitation and focused on us. We finally managed to flick only blanket (bravo praveena!) and lost two pillows.

Anyways the fight didn’t end there as Ravi, Srikanth and Madhu followed us and took all our pillows / blanket. Viji fought hard like rest of us but sad …started with two pillows, ended with zero!

Now with no pillow in sight, we started for Snacks! There were no hotel nearby for snack, but where there is a will, there is a way.

Our Dadaji showed us the way and agreed to arrange for pakodi. Meanwhile we  decided to take a walk, but after reaching end of road,  our pakodi pulled us back to inn. We all gathered in the dinning hall nicknamed as ragging room. Pawan join us late as he was in seventh heaven, but sent us his snack packet. I begged couples for a duet , but the request is still pending.

Dadaji as promised , supplied us with 20 plates of pakodi which we finished in 15 minutes ! Lights went off for a while and Praveena danced in the disco lights  of mobile phone !

Finally dinner time and we all went to the only big hotel in Araku called Rajdhani. Hotel was good with lots of sitting , standing , waiting and eating customers !! And for all these people , there was only one manager , one waiter and one cleaner !

Our wait time was more than half an hour ! We gals decided to spend time on terrace to discuss nakshatra’s and Praveena’s murder !

Anyways , finally settled down on the tables and waited for another 10 minutes for cleaner to clean the table and 30 minutes to get our meal plates. Balla finally satisfied his Non-Veg hunger! Ravi forced down egg on me and praveena when we were already full with pakodi’s.

After meal , back to inn and time for campfire. Dadaji arranged small campfire for us and we all gathered around the fire. Camera gal was back in action with her camera !

After a round of dance suggested by pawan , we all settled around the fire.

It was time to show our singing talent! Madhu was wonderful with “Hame tumse pyaar kitna .. “ and Swapna also hummed a song for us. I was in a good singing mood and was giving chorus to all when people literally screamed at me to shut up and nobody was singing after that!!!

Time to sleep. GoodNight.

Note : We finally won the pillow war as Ravi garu with his own hands came down till our room door to give us back our pillows and blanket!

Day 4: Monday , Merry Christmas.


Started the day with morning walk. We went till Araku station and down the road mopped with Gobar. We were all ready and were waiting for breakfast in ragging room. Dadaji promised us menu of Idli and Poori. First batch of poori was over in … before I could finish writing this line !

Poori with Aloo sabji was good. Idli , by now wasn’t  considered as breakfast. Its only starter for breakfast!! We were waiting for next batch of poori, harsha literally near the door ! DADAji commented that on any usual day, 100 poori’s are sufficient but looks like today is not just usual day. (Mirchi Bajji wala won’t be the only one telling tales to his grandson)

Finally , we took some group foto’s and  checked out. Pawan left his snack inventory in his room.

Ravi hugged dadaji goodbye and we went straight to chilpakka water falls.

It was a beautiful foggy morning and we stopped on the way to take pictures. The scene in front of us was straight from movie DDLJ.. Tujhe Dekha to yeh jana sanam ! The same yellow flowers but instead of DDLJ, Bandi and swapna did a titanic. Cameras were clicking all around.

Chilpakka water fall was more like water stream then falls. Spent an hour there. Rakhee suggested to use water flow for natural pedicure and immediately our legs were into water! Water was chilling and rocks were very slippery. Vidya lost his jacket there ( Second casualty of the trip ). Neednot mention again , the view of was awesome.

1030 we were on the road for Vizag. Everyone were tired, so no yoyo , no bulb dance. Me with my Book and sometimes near the door. Ravi asked me again if Assam is more … .. My answer was same!

Reached vizag at around 2:00 PM. It was time for lunch at Daspala. Got some chocolates from Santa Claus and watched the most forgettable movie on the big LCD…Name was something like  Popkorn khao … . Though food was also good.

As Pawan said , lets plan for a trip next time for site seeing rather than food!!

Now it is your turn to blab..

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