#HYD – City of “First” :-)*

Hyderabad – Known widely as  City of Pearl , but I will call it City of first!

Am visiting the city again very soon and that makes me nostalgic .. I love that city and here is the top reasons why I love it!

  1. That’s the city where I was truly independent – financially , professionally and emotionally, where I was no longer a college girl but someone who needs to take care of herself ALL by herself and think of future seriously. I could not be child anymore!
  2. City of my first job.. Satyam , where I met wonderful colleagues and made friends for life!
  3. City where I fell in love with Abu (again!) , sneaked out of hostel at 10 (first time) , returned at midnight and lied to warden about ” Meeting Uncle! ” ..swear that was first , I was a very very nice girl till that time..
  4. City where Abu and I first kissed :-)*
  5. That’s the city where I spent count less hours with Abu at Hussain Sagar 😛
  6. Where I made Bestest and closest friend for life – Karti!
  7. First time I was out at midnight on new year eve , on a scooty on a heavily loaded Necklace Road with my girlfirends from hostel .. what a ride  ..
  8. where I first learned to dance , to forget about awkwardness while dancing or singing .. dance like just dance !.. in crowd with ELTP batch and at hostel with girls ! I remember my first dance .. it was freshers party at Satyam – Masha Allah 🙂
  9. Hyd is the city where I learned the word “Chaman” and it meaning 🙂
    Me : Bhaiya yeh kidhar hai ?
    Bhaiya : Seadhe jao , chaman se left le lo 🙂
  10. Thats the city where I watched Munna Bhai in a multiplex and remember falling off my seat laughing .. Do you remember Karti , Sanjay Dut was not our first choice for movie that day but he and Raju Hirani  made our day!
  11. For the first time I tried my hand on a scooter on a highway to Ramuji Film City with Padu and Abu. And learned it much later at Pune 😉                                                                                                                         I have wonderful memories .. fun at office was unbelievable !

Everyone visits Charminar , but one must visit LalBazzar behind it . I still remember the first look of Lal Bazzar – mesmerized btriy rows of shop selling bangles , each one more glittering than last one .. the whole street lights up red green yellow and then even a boy would think – Wish I was a girl to wear bangles 😀 (hehhehehe)

And then the pearls never ends!

What is your reason to love Hyd .. your own personal reason ..                         PS : Biryani is THE MOST special reason to love  , I need not mention it , Isnt it 🙂


Now it is your turn to blab..

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